Symbol and Color

In 2001, the NSVRC conducted a brief survey on the issues of color and symbol, and discovered that teal was the color most often used and preferred for SAAM. On the subject of symbol, about half of the respondents preferred the use of a ribbon to anything else.


The color associated with sexual assault is Teal.
For printing purposes, here are the color values for the teal used by the NSVRC: Pantone 321u or CMYK: 100/0/31/24.
Similarly, for online and web design purposes, here are the color values: #00838c, RGB: 0/131/140, HSB 184/100/55.


Awareness Ribbon

We encourage participation by using some variation of teal awareness ribbons. To order teal ribbon pins and appliques from the NSVRC, please visit the SAAM store.

The NSVRC has developed several graphics that are available for public use. We encourage communities to save these graphic files and incorporate them into your SAAM outreach materials. Files are available in Jpg file format, if you need other formats (including eps), please email


SAAM & Social Media

Join the movement and participate in the Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign on social media

Campaign visuals

The graphics, art and visuals of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign. 
Sexual Assault Awareness Month logos 
(Available in English and Spanish)
“Your voice, our future” logos
(Available in English and Spanish)

Download English "It's time" logo


For more downloads, visit Campaign Visuals & Art