Planning your campaign

Planning, Event Types, Resources

Plan ahead. Start by asking these questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What resources do you need?
  • Who can help?

Use SAAM to establish new partnerships, launch new campaigns and programs, and initiate prevention activities that will continue throughout the year and beyond. 

Choose events and activities that will meet your goals. Think about what you community needs. Plan ahead. Be creative. Grow support.  

Make sure to find out if there are activities already happening in your community that you can support and promote.

Be sure to add your SAAM events to the national calendar. Learn about different types of events below. 

Types of SAAM Events


Additional Resources

This publication explains how to plan an effective prevention campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

This events list provides descriptions of Sexual Assault Awareness Month events and activities. Activities are organized by event goal: awareness, fundraising, healing, community engagement, public policy, and sexual violence prevention.

Applying the Principles of Prevention: What Do Prevention Practitioners Need to Know About What Works?
Readers examine the principles of effective prevention programs – and what individual programs or projects can do to enact those principles – in this 13-page guide.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Gateway to Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice
This resource from the CDC provides tools to help you learn the basics of health communications, identify your audience, and view the CDC’s health campaigns. Also consider viewing the CDC’s violence prevention page.
Innovation Network
Innovation Network is a nonprofit evaluation, research, and consulting firm that offers lots of tools to help nonprofits and funders. For example, their “Point K” page has an organizational assessment tool, logic model builder, and evaluation plan builder.
Iowa State University Extension Needs Assessment Strategies for Community Groups and Organizations
This easy-to-read page explains key questions to discuss during planning. It also shares five needs assessment techniques. 
Pink Book - Making Health Communication Programs Work (Planning Section)
This campaign tool offers information on the basics of health communication. The planning section discusses questions to ask and answer, planning steps, and common myths about planning, and more 
Public Health Ontario: Health Promotion
This website has several collections related to campaign and program planning, including a collection of sample program plans and a collection of social media tools. 
Tools of Change Planning Guide 
Users go through the planning process step by step for seven areas: 

  • setting objectives, 
  • developing partners, 
  • getting informed, 
  • targeting the audience, 
  • choosing the tools of change, 
  • financing the program, and 
  • measuring achievement. 

University of Arizona Needs Assessment Tutorial
This workbook helps users create a needs assessment plan. It focuses on identifying the customer or customer group, planning for data collection, and choosing a method for collecting data.




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