2008 Palm Card Text

This  palm card (a small folded informational card) offers a wealth of information about how employers and employees can take steps to create a healthy workplace. The cards include a space for local organizations to place their contact information. to The palm cards are available in packs of 50 through the SAAM Store.

The inside text of the palm card reads as follows:

Safe respectful workplaces attract quality employees and customers; enhance productivity and morale. Take an active role in preventing violence in your work environment.

Create a Healthy Workplace

Demonstrate respect for everyone

  • Lead by example - Explain to peers what a safe environment means to you.
  • Interrupt insensitive comments, sexist jokes, demeaning emails or other forms of harassment.
  • Recommend policies and practices that contribute to respect and productivity.

Build a healthy work environment

  • Review current policies. Support training and enforce high standards of safety and respect for all workers, vendors and customers.
  • Speake out about concerns and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Join with local sexual assault prevention programs to sponsor community activities.

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