Childhood development

Healthy Childhood Sexual Development Resources

This tool provides an overview of healthy childhood sexual development by exploring age-appropriate behaviors and skills and information on supporting healthy development. 
This tool focuses on how all adults in a community can support child sexual abuse prevention efforts and promote healthier environments for children. 
This tool explores how parents can better understand healthy childhood development, create safe environments and support the children in their lives.
This exercise focuses on increasing a parent’s comfort and knowledge when talking to their child about sex. 
This tool equips leaders and partners in sexual violence prevention to understand healthy child sexual development and engage adults in promoting healthy development and skills. 

Additional resources

The NSVRC Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Information Packet provides a comprehensive overview, resources and research to support prevention efforts. 
Resources from SAAM 2012 campaign provide an overview of healthy sexuality as sexual violence prevention. Use these tools to learn more about healthy sexuality and as a foundation to a healthy childhood sexual development campaign. 


Campaign materials

These materials support planning, outreach and participation in Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaigns. 
Daily posts for social networking sites
Suggestions for April and the SAAM Day of Action: Tuesday, April 2, 2013
Learn how to plan an effective prevention campaign
A customizable proclamation for your community
A sample Letter to the Editor
Factsheets on sexual violence prevention:

Campaign visuals

The graphics, art and visuals of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign. 

Sexual Assault Awareness Month logos 

(Available in English and Spanish)



“Talk early, talk often” logos

(Available in English and Spanish)





For file downloads of campaign logos, visit Campaign Visuals & Art