2012 SAAM Campaign

Healthy Sexuality

Connect. Respect. Prevent sexual violence. The 2012 SAAM campaign encouraged communities and individuals to join the conversation on healthy sexuality.

Campaign tools and resources promote positive expressions of sexuality and healthy behaviors. This encourages consensual, respectful, and informed sexual interactions and behaviors. Your conversations can build safe, healthy relationships and communities.

Resources, Planning tools, Fact sheets, Media


Healthy Sexuality Resources

An Overview on Healthy Sexuality, and Sexual Violence Prevention

This overview provides a framework for promoting healthy sexuality as an approach to sexual violence prevention. Also available in Spanish.

Healthy Sexuality: A Guide for Advocates, Counselors, and Prevention Educators

This guide provides guidance and practical tools for discussing healthy sexuality within the context of sexual violence for advocates, counselors, prevention educators, and activists. 

Healthy sexuality glossary

This glossary outlines key terms and definitions for understanding healthy human sexuality. Also available in Spanish.

Healthy sexuality resource list

This resource list provides links to other websites, organizations and materials for more information on healthy human sexuality.

Mes de Conciencia sobre la Agresion Sexual (SAAM) 2012 Recursos


Fact Sheets & Scenarios for Discussion

It’s time… to talk to your children about healthy sexuality

This fact sheet provides an overview for parents and caregivers on how to your children about healthy sexual development. Also available in Spanish.

It’s time… to talk about consent

This fact sheet highlights the importance of consent in healthy sexual interactions and provides information on defining and establishing consent. Also available in Spanish.

It’s time… to talk about gender norms

This fact sheet discusses the impact of gender norms on sexuality and examples of how healthier, less restrictive gender norms can prevent violence and promote healthy relationships. Also available in Spanish.

It’s time… to talk about sexuality in later life

This fact sheet provides an overview of sexuality in later life and information and resources to promote health and safety for older adults. Also available in Spanish.


Planning Tools

List of Suggested Events

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Proclamation (Customizable)

Tips for creating a campaign (Spanish)

Tips for health care professionals (Spanish)

Tips for parents and care givers (Spanish)

Tips for partnering with men’s organizations


Media Activism

Daily Posts for Social Networking Sites

Sample Letter to the Editor

Media Packet

Reporting on sexual violence is a difficult task and we appreciate the media’s commitment to doing so with integrity. The NSVRC created a packet for journalists about reporting on sexual violence.


For additional campaign planning tools and tips, join the conversation at the SAAM blog. To request a resource CD, join our mailing list by contacting resources@nsvrc.org. Many resources are also available in Spanish.



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