2009 Palm Card Text- English


What is sexual violence?
Sexual violence includes rape, sexual
harassment, and incest. Making offensive jokes and comments,
posting offensive images, grabbing or fondling someone,
and stalking are some other examples of sexual violence.

How does respect prevent sexual violence?
Respect means treating people with consideration. This includes respecting their boundaries. Being aware of how we treat one another makes us less likely to hurt or offend someone. 

What can I do?

  1. Treat other people with respect.
  2. Express your concern when you hear

      an offensive joke or comment.

  1. Offer to help when someone is in need.
  2. Reinforce positive behavior.
  3. Advocate for policies in your community .

      designed to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

Inner Flap:


  1. showing consideration or appreciation
  2. courteous regard for people's feelings

What does respect mean to you?


For information and resources on sexual violence contact the NSVRC Toll Free: (877) 739-3895

            For counseling and services contact your area rape crisis center
(box for local organization contact information)


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