Public Service Announcement Campaign Broadcast Media

Working with Broadcast Media

When planning your strategy to reach out to television and radio stations, please keep in mind the following ten steps for working with the media  (this list is adapted from United States Department of Agriculture. (n.d.). Public Service Announcements.  Retrieved November 23, 2011 from 

  1. Compile Media list - of contact information of stations likely to air your PSA. Many stations have PSA managers who determine what PSA's are aired.
  2. Background Information - before pitching your PSA to the media station research the station, its audience and programming so you can be prepared show how your message is important it the station's audience.
  3. Make introductory calls - to introduce yourself and make sure you have the correct contact to send your PSA and double check requirements. 
  4. Make the pitch - create talking points
  5. Deliver PSA's to the stations - be sure to include a cover letter and follow up a week later to ensure they received materials
  6. Follow up - call to ask if and when they will air.
  7. Provide additional information - to the station to help them understand the importance of the PSA.
  8. Measure success - ask the stations to provide you with specific information on when and how often your PSA will air. Keep track of phone calls or traffic coming in to your organization by asking where they heard about your services. 
  9. Present findings - compile your results of the PSA and present it to your staff, board or funders.
  10. Take it to the next level - depending on the success of your PSA you may form a partnership with the station.