This booklet by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) answers common questionssuch as: What is sexual harassment?; what can/should you do if you are harassed?; what are the costs of sexual harassment for an employee?; and what are the costs of sexual harassment to an employer? It also explains the two types of options for a victim to file a sexual harassment complaint (internal and external). In Spanish. Ordering information (the PDF is free).


Este folleto por la Asociación de Tejas Contra el Asalto Sexual (en inglés, TAASA) responde a preguntas comunes como ¿qué es el acoso sexual?; ¿qué puedes/debes hacer si usted es acosado?; ¿cuáles son los costos del acoso sexual para un empleado?; y ¿cuáles son los costos del acoso sexual para un empleador? También explique los dos tipos de opciones para una víctima para entablar una queja del acoso sexual (interno y externo). En inglés. Información para hacer un pedido (el PDF es gratis).

This report examines the role of workplaces, and men in workplaces in particular, in preventing men’s violence against women. It highlights the need for preventative measures oriented to changing the social and structural conditions at the root of this violence, including through settings such as workplaces.

An educational booklet written by Cordelia Anderson of Sensibilities, Inc., that provides information on sexual violence among school aged youth. The following is a tool to get people who work with children and youth talking about sexual violence. It provides basic information useful for anyone who works with children or youth.

Prevention and Intervention of Sexual Violence in Schools: Talking about “It”

This checklist provides employers with a list of suggestions to assist in the development of strong sexual harassment policies.

This Guide provides information on effective outreach strategies to support preventing sexual violence in workplaces.  If is part of the 2009 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaign Respect Works.


TANF-CoverSexual violence and economic insecurity are intricately linked. This guide is to support advocates in connecting survivors to the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program and ensuring that the TANF program is responsive to the needs of sexual violence victims. 

This guide is part of the Sexual Violence and the Workplace information packet.  View the full packet, or other publications included in this packet.

This information packet provides a series of resources on the impact of sexual violence on work, within the workplace and current research related to this topic. It includes resources specifically for advocates as well as employers.

The following documents are available as part of the packet: Overview, Guide for Advocates, Annotated Bibliography, Bulletin, Guide for Employers, Research Brief, Resource List, Online Special Collection, and Sexual Violence & Economic Security: The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program.


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