This booklet discusses the the evaluation of victim's rights clinics, which were designed to increase awareness of victims’ rights among criminal-justice professionals and to respond to violations of rights through legal advocacy.

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La tarjeta de Arte Sana provee información básica para víctimas de violencia sexual sobre sus derechos. Traducción disponible en inglés.

NCVLI’s Victim Law Bulletins, provide in-depth analysis of important topics relating to the assertion and enforcement of crime victims’ rights and offer practice tips

This Victim Law Bulletin discusses the impact of secondary victimization within the criminal justice system for people who have experienced multiple forms of victimization and how to reduce the harmful impacts of this experience.

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Aequitas released Issue #8 of their Strategies Newsletter. The December 2012 edition offers information for prosecutors on sexual abuse in confinement.

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This bookletby the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) has basic information on the following topics: what is sexual assault?; myths and facts about rape; information for immediately after sexual violence occurs; and the legal process. In Spanish. Ordering information (the PDF is free).

Este folleto por la Asociación de Tejas Contra el Asalto Sexual (en inglés, TAASA)  tiene información básica sobre estos temas: ¿qué es asalto sexual? los mitos y los hechos acerca de la violación; información para inmediatamente después de la ocurrencia de violencia sexual; y el proceso legal. En inglés. Información para hacer un pedido.

This comprehensive sexual assault protocol includes a procedure for anonymous reporting. It was developed in Cambria County, PA and provides guidance on responding to victims who are reluctant or unsure about getting involved in the criminal justice system.

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Rape and Sexual Assault Analyses and Laws is a compilation that includes detailed charts outlining the elements of sex crimes in the United States and its territories as well as the federal government and Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

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Issue #13 of Strategies In Brief provides a review of research studies on the presence or absence of genital or anal injuries in cases of sexual assault. Absence of injury is relatively common, but this does not necessarily indicate that no assault occurred.

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