This document discusses information on confidentiality and releases of information for individuals who have experienced sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking, or harassment.  The information provided is based on U.S. Federal Laws, and is intended for advocates and employees of other organizations who may serve these individuals. 

In the Spring 2012 edition of the Manager's Viewpoint newsletter, WCSAP offers articles and reflections on cost cutting, big picture planning, and leading through challenging economic times.

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The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) hosted a focus group in Green Bay, Wisconsin to discuss challenges to, and opportunities for, collaboration between states and tribes in Public Law 280 jurisdictions to address sexual assault in Indian country. The Tribal Law and Policy Institute (TLPI) provided technical assistance and collaborated with OVW on the design and delivery of the session.
Focus Group on Public Law 280 and the Sexual Assault of Native Women

The Vera Institute recently released a new guide for organizations that provide sexual violence, domestic violence, and disability services.  This guide seeks to increase avenues for partnership and collaboration between these three types of services, recognizing that people often face co-occurring issues.  The authors of the guide hope to provide background to help meet the needs of women with disabilities, who commonly face sexual and domestic violence, but often do not have access to services that can meet a combination of needs.  This booklet provides information on creating safe, effective, and accessible healing services.

This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about United States Federal Laws and how they impact confidentiality for survivors and service providers.  The laws discussed include the Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

El documento de Arte Sana es un glosario (ingles a español) de términos asociados con violencia sexual. También hay un glosario exclusivamente del tráfico humano.

Este glosario describe términos y definiciones claveSAAM 2012 Glosario para comprender qué es una sexualidad humana saludable. En inglés.





El documento de Arte Sana – que tiene texto en inglés y español – incluye guiones para contestadores automáticos para centros de ayuda para víctimas de violación y coaliciones estatales. Hay dos opciones, una para agencias con personas bilingües y una con una lista grabada de servicios.


This three-page glossary outlines key terms and SAAM 2012 Glossarydefinitions for understanding healthy human sexuality. Also available in Spanish.


SAAM 2012 Resource List CoverThis four-page resource list provides links to other websites, organizations and materials for more information on healthy human sexuality.








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