This fact sheet offers suggestions for sexual assault centers to partner with youth-serving organizations to prevent child sexual abuse. These recommendations can also be used by youth-serving organizations in their efforts to support the development of healthy, safe, and happy children and teens.

Esta muestra de Carta al Editor sirve como plantilla para una carta específica sobre el desarrollo sexual infantil saludable dirigida a medios de comunicación locales o universitarios. Puede ser adaptada o usarse genéricamente como una herramienta para promoción y defensa a través de los medios durante el Mes de Conciencia sobre la Agresión Sexual. También disponible en inglés

This sample Letter to the Editor provides a template for a healthy childhood sexual development-themed letter for local or campus media outlets. This letter can be customized or used generically as a media advocacy tool during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Also available in Spanish

Esta proclamación adaptable permite a comunidades, personas y organizaciones comprometerse a prevenir la violencia sexual. También disponible en inglés.

This customizable proclamation allows communities, individuals, and organizations to commit themselves to sexual violence prevention. Also available in Spanish

This four-page publication explains how to plan an effective prevention campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It outlines the planning process for social marketing campaigns that aim to change behaviors. Also available in Spanish.

This events list provides descriptions EventIdeasof Sexual Assault Awareness Month events and activities. Event ideas can be used to plan and host events that encourage community participation and raise awareness. 

This list includes suggested posts for social SocialMedianetworking sites, such as daily posts for Twitter and conversation starters for Facebook, to promote online involvement in Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  

Esta herramienta propicia que líderesSpanAdvocates y socios en la prevención de la violencia sexual comprendan el desarrollo sexual infantil saludable e involucren a personas adultas en promover el desarrollo saludable y habilidades. En inglés

This tool equips leaders andAdvocateCover partners in sexual violence prevention to understand healthy child sexual development and engage adults in promoting healthy development and skills. In Spanish


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