• This 4 page fact sheet provides an overview of the U.S. National Rape Prevention and Education Program (RPE) including information on purpose, scope and impact. 

  • The 2011 edition of The Resource celebrates NSVRC's 10 year anniversary with articles on creative thinking in sexual violence prevention, collaboration between advocacy and sex offender management, engaging bystanders and new research on public perceptions on sexual violence.

  • This information packet was developed for sexual violence prevention educators, advocates, and their allied partners in public health and other disciplines.

  • Two major models of prevention are commonly used in strategic planning: the Public Health Model and the Ecological Model.

  • This document provides a list of publications, websites and prevention organizations that address child sexual abuse prevention.  Browse the rest of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Information Packet: overview, technical ass

  • The purpose of this research brief is to synthesize prior research on risk and preventative factors for child sexual abuse (CSA) perpetration, while highlighting special offender populations. Browse the rest of the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Information Packet: overview,

  • This guide is intended to provide sexual violence advocates with information about child sexual abuse prevention programs that target adults. It will provide information about the basics of such programs and an overview of evaluation research for these programs.

  • This guide is intended to inform people who wish to learn more about child sexual abuse prevention programs designed to educate children.It is also intended to assist advocates and prevention educators in selecting or designing prevention programs, and to provide evidence to support prevention educators in their efforts to make the case for the benefits of these programs to funders, parents, o

  • This annotated bibliography features articles on risk factors and characteristics associated with child sexual abuse perpetration.

  • This expanded factsheet provides an overview of child sexual abuse prevention and offers resources and answers the following questions:


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