• This online resource collection offers information on the intersections of sexual violence and eating disorders. Recent research and practice efforts have shown links between sexual victimization during childhood or adolescence and developing an eating disorder.


  • This article is the English translation of an article written by Kimber J. Nicoletti-Martinez for The Resource. Over the past several years, there has been much talk about leadership among Latin@s in the sexual violence prevention movement.

  • The 2012 Spring/Summer edition of The Resource is completely redesigned and contains articles about Penn State and the Jerry Sandusky case, preventing child sexual abuse, viewpoints on SlutWalks, healthy sexuality campaigns, media reports of sexual violence, report on prostitution and trafficking of Native Women, Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the upcoming National Sexual Assault

  • La violencia sexual afecta a las mujeres, los hombres y los niñ@s durante toda su vida, y puede ser devastadora para los individuos, familias y comunidades.  Sin embargo existen recursos para ayudarle.  Esta hoja informativa de dos páginas provee definiciones y información sobre la violencia sexual.

  • This sample Letter to the Editor provides a template for a healthy sexuality themed letter for local or campus media outlets. This letter can be customized or used generically as a media advocacy tool during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 


  • The second phase of the NSVRC’s Prevention Assessment project focused on interviews with innovative prevention programs and a diffusion survey to document how innovations have spread throughout the sexual violence prevention field.  The emphasis of this assessment was on how programs are thinking about primary prevention and the processes that allowed innovation to develop.  This

  • In 2009, the NSVRC contracted with Dr.

  • El abril es hora de iniciar un diálogo, y el tema de la conversación es la sexualidad saludable. El campaña 2012 del Mes de Conciencia sobre la Violencia Sexual (SAAM) motiva a comunidades y personas a unirse al diálogo acerca de cómo nos comunicamos y nos respetamos mutuamente para prevenir la violencia sexual.


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