Public Service Announcement Television Spot

PSA Campaign Television Spot

There is a 30 second T.V. spot available free of charge to download and use in your campaign. The video file is available so that you can personalize and tag with your organization's information. Click on the links below to download the audio file and the script. 

To download the video file:

To save the files, click on the link below and select file "save as" and save the file onto your computer.  If you need higher quality video than what is available for download, email us and we will be able to send you a cd with files for customization.  If you have trouble playing the file, you can download for free, the  VLC Media Player and you will be able to play the video.

To download the script:

To save the script, click on the link below - the text will open in a new window. From your browser select file "save as" and save the text file on your computer. 

Television Spot: 

View the PSA

Download the video file

Download the script


To Customize the Television Spot:

The NSVRC worked with Postage to create the television spot.  They have agreed to give Rural Grantees a discounted price on their services to tag the radio spot with your organization’s information.  To get more information and details on what services Postage can provide call all 717-824-3350 or email

There are many options available for free or to purchase to customize the media file yourself.  Please see the links below for more information regarding each software package.  The following information is for informational purposes only; the NSVRC does not endorse or guarantee the products and services below.  It is your responsibility to research the products and determine which one will best meet your needs.

Open Source (Free):

Microsoft Windows:
Windows Live Movie Maker - editing tutorial
Avidemux - editing tutorial
Lightworks 2010 Beta - editing tutorial

Apple Mac:
iMovie (With new Mac purchase) - editing tutorial
Avidemux - editing tutorial
Kdenlive - editing tutorial

Avidemux  - editing tutorial
Kdenlive - editing tutorial
LiVES - editing tutorial



Microsoft Windows:

Sony Vegas Pro - editing tutorial
Adobe Premiere Pro - editing tutorial
Corel Video Studio Pro - editinig tutorial

Apple Mac:


iMovie (Purchased Separately) - editing tutorial
Adobe premiere Pro - editing tutorial 
Final Cut Pro X - editing tutorial