NSVRC’s xCHANGE Forum strives to bring together the very best of research and practice. Through live forums, podcasts, and online resources researchers and practitioners can connect to better understand current research and emerging research needs. This project promotes collaboration and communication for the prevention of sexual violence.

Summer xCHANGE Forum Series

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During summer 2016 we explored new research and exchanged information with advocates, educators, and researchers about restorative justice, LGBTQ youth, and privilege and racial oppression within the sexual violence movement. Stay tuned for topics we'll be covering in 2017.

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2016 Priority Poll

NSVRC seeked feedback from the 60 state and territory sexual assault coalitons and 55 Rape Prevention Education grantees to identify top priorities in the areas of prevention, intervention, and research. View the 2016 results.



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