A Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a multidisciplinary interagency team of individuals working collaboratively to provide services for the community by offering specialized sexual assault intervention services. The NSVRC works with responders from around the United States to identify resources, translate research findings and analyze policy will assist in the development, enhancement and sustainability of SARTs. The NSVRC offers a number of ways for SARTs to connect in the following sections. For more information, please contact us via email or call, toll-free 877-739-3895.

The following information examines the use of polygraph tests and other truth-telling devices (sometimes called "lie-detector tests") in sexual assault investigation and provides a list of legislation and other official actions taken by states and territories to regulate the use of polygraphs and other truth-telling devices in the course of sexual assault examinations. The NSVRC does not promote specific legislation, but offers these for educational purposes only.


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