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Use these tools to assist with education and outreach about sexual violence in rural communities.

Outreach is risk-taking. risk is a part of growth. People crossing bridgeLet's Talk about It: SAAM as a Tool for Outreach by National Sexual Violence Resource Center (2013)

This recorded webinar provides an opportunity for rural grantees to learn about Sexual Assault Awareness Month as a campaign tool for outreach in their communities.


Let's Talk about It Public Service Announcement Campaign For Rural Communities by National Sexual Violence Resource Center (2012)

The NSVRC developed this Rural Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign in partnership with the Office on Violence Against Women. It was designed by and for rural communities.  Many materials are available for free for download and print materials can be ordered online.

A Guide for Service Providers: Reaching Out to Rural Faith-Based Organizations Regarding Domestic and Sexual Violence by Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence (2012)

This document lists the outreach challenges faced between rural communities and faith-based organizations and possible strategies for overcoming these challenges.

Stopping the stigma - Changing Public Perceptions of Sexual Assault in Rural Communities by California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) (2010)

This information packet is designed to assist rape crisis centers in rural or remote areas in gaining support from their respective communities with the goal of creating partnerships to meet the needs of survivors and end sexual violence. This packet focuses on schools, faith communities, local businesses, and community groups.

Engaging Communities in Sexual Violence Prevention by Morgan J Curtis, LMSW, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (2009)

This guide is meant to serve as a tool for communities and individuals who are beginning the process of planning for community-based primary prevention of sexual violence.

ReShape: The Newsletter of the Resource Sharing Project, Issue #21, (2007)

This issue of the ReShape newsletter focuses on rural advocacy for victims/survivors of sexual violence, outreach strategies and rural program sustainability.

Preventing Child and Youth Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Assault: A Resource for Iowa Families by the Iowa Department of Education (2006)

This resource manual provides basic information and resources for preventing sexual violence among children and youth. The materials were developed with a rural framework in mind.

Building Bridges, Creating Partnerships: Sexual Violence Prevention in Rural Communities by Gayle M Stringer, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (2003)

This annotated PowerPoint presentation is designed to help rural communities use community development strategies to address issues of sexual violence. Though its title suggests that it focused on prevention, many of the community development strategies discussed could be helpful in the improvement of intervention and response services.


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