Impact of Sexual Violence on Health

Sexual Violence Facts at a Glance (1 p.) by CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (2008). This fact sheet provides information and statistics on the health outcomes for different populations who reported on their individual experiences of sexual violence.


Health and Sexual Violence Research Brief. (12 p.) National Sexual Violence Resource Center (2012). This research brief provides information on research that explores how sexual victimization can impact physical and mental health.


Assessment for Lifetime Exposure to Violence as a Pathway to Prevention (12 p.) by Linda Chamberlain with contributions from Peggy Brown (2006). By providing a summary of research related to long-term health consequences and the health care response to a patient’s exposure to violence, this document discusses the increased risk of health problems, revictimization, and a continued cycle of violence between generations. 


Facts for Prevention: The Health Impact on Children & Youth (2 p.) by National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. This fact sheet discusses the prevalence and impact of child sexual abuse on health.


The Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Health: Turning gold into lead (8 p.) by Vincent J. Felitti, MD (2002). This resource provides a general overview of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study. Study findings suggest that experiences of violence, abuse, or trauma in childhood have a significant impact on health in adulthood.


World Report on Violence and Health: Chapter 6: Sexual Violence (36 p.) by World Health Organization (WHO) (2002). This chapter explains the various forms of sexual violence and provides information on perpetration and responses in the healthcare setting. It provides a breakdown of risk factors for both victimization and perpetration and discusses multilevel strategies for the primary prevention of sexual violence.