Learning from Steubenville

The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV) and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) was on site at the Jefferson County Juvenile Court in Steubenville, Ohio, beginning March 13, to provide insight and expertise on sexual violence and prevention‐related topics. Follow @NSVRC on Twitter under the #Steubenville hashtag for commentary.

Day 1: Perspectives from Steubenville

AP Video Report on Day 1

Day 2: Perspectives from Steubenville

Day 3: Perspectives from Steubenville

Day 4: Perspectives from Steubenville

NSVRC and OAESV statement on Steubenville Rape Trial Verdict

Turn off the Victim Blaming. Turn on the Support for Surviviors.

NSVRC and OAESV Press Release on Gorman Sentencing

Resources for the Media


Tools for Advocates



Resources for the Media


photo of media cameras

Press Release

Media Packet

Free Online Course on Reporting on Sexual Violence from Poynter and NSVRC

Steubenville rape case to be monitored by anti-sexual assault groups as in Jerry Sandusky trial

Turn off the victim blaming. Turn on support for survivors.




Tools for Advocates

man with megaphone talking to crowd

Feel free to use these Sample Talking Points

Get the conversation started in your community with Sample Letters to the Editor

       Social Change has to Happen everywhere not just Steubenville

       In Steubenville and across the U.S., we need to support survivors of sexual violence

Go to Fact Sheet on Bystander Intervention

NSVRC Bloggers Respond to Steubenville

Prevention Lessons: Spotlight on Steubenville

Reflections from Steubenville: The role of social media in preventions

Beyond Steubenville: Tools for Engaged Bystanders

Read the OAESV Blog for updates

Check out additional resources from the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence