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An Informal Education: Blogs as Informational Sources

Blogging is a common form of communication on the Web today. Blogging is free, unregulated, and embraced by both professionals and hobbyists around the globe. The nonprofit business community has embraced blogging, precisely because of its reach and availability, with great benefits to those of us grappling with the challenges of keeping small businesses like SANE programs healthy and sustainable. Although blogs are less formal than many other sources of online information they can provide a host of real-world solutions from people working in related fields.

Five great things about blogs:

  1. They’re regularly updated (although frequency will vary from site to site).
  2. They are usually written in uncomplicated and often casual language, resulting in postings that are accessible and interesting.
  3. Information is presented in relatively short bursts, making for easy reading (particularly for people without a lot of extra time).
  4. Blogs are usually heavily linked—they are a great jumping off point for finding more web-based resources.
  5. They are easy to search, thanks to Google Blog Search

Be mindful that not everything on the Internet is true or credible. Evaluate the quality of the blog by looking at a few basic components:

  • Spelling and syntax: Is the site rife with poor spelling and grammar?
  • Blogger profile(s): Can you glean much information about the blogger(s) on the site? Do they appear to have bonafide credentials and experience in their fields?
  • Comments: Does the blog generate comments from its readers? Are those comments professional, thoughtful and/or useful?
  • Links: Do the blog’s links work and are they helpful and relevant?

For a sampling of blogs addressing a variety of topics to support SANE program sustainability click on the topical categories below. Please note this is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it an endorsement of any particular site.


Coreyp501c3 Podcast                                                                                          (please note: all blog entries are podcasts meant for audio download)

Marion Conway: Consultant to Nonprofits

Nonprofit Blog Exchange

The Nonprofit Times

Nonprofit Wonders

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Leading Blog

Nonprofit Leadership 601

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79 Grant Writing Resources You Can’t Live Without

Blue Sky Collaborative’s Fundraising Blog

Donor InSite Fundraising Blog

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Nonprofit Connectors

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Amy Sample Ward’s Version of NPTech

Studio 501c

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Cause and Effect


Nonprofit Communications

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Nonprofit and Foundation Advocacy Blog

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