Marin Abused Women's Services


734 A St.
San Rafael, CA 94901-3923
United States
Phone: 415-457-2464
Fax: 415-457-6457


Transforming Communities: Technical Assistance, Training & Resource Center (TC-TAT) is an award winning violence prevention project, based in the California Bay Area, with a key emphasis on the prevention of violence against women. A division of Marin Abused Women’s Services (founded in 1977), TC-TAT carries out primary violence prevention work through its extensive training, research and consultation infrastructure and hands-on community work.

As a training and resource center, TC-TAT fosters effective social change through collaboration, learning communities, effective state and national policy, addressing the emerging needs of the violence prevention field, evaluations and trainings in effectiveness, culturally competent services and resources, all with a focus on primary prevention. TC-TAT reflects a combination of applied experience in primary prevention, best practices derived through research, and training of other practitioners.