Research Participants Needed: Study on emotional experiences of SA crisis counselors and advocates

Sacred Heart University
Friday, May 2, 2014

Amanda Moras, a sociology professor at Sacred Heart University, is conducting research on the emotional experiences of Sexual Assault Crisis counselors and advocates.  I am interested in how working with victims and survivors of sexual violence may affect the worker. Research has been done about the effects of vicarious trauma on clinicians, but not on people working within social service settings, such as sexual assault crisis programs.

The research study is looking at if and how the work affects the emotional well being of crisis counselors, and other direct service providers, and how practices of self-care, pay, and the organization of the workplace may affect experiencing vicarious trauma. I would like to use this research to contribute to scholarship on vicarious trauma, as well as provide anti-sexual assault coalitions with information about how trauma affects its workers.

As part of this research I am collecting survey data from individuals currently working in direct service positions. The survey will take roughly 30 minutes to complete and as a thank you for your time, upon completion you will be asked to enter a drawing to win an iPad.

Your contact information will not be connected to your survey and your identity will be kept entirely confidential.  Surveys are anonymous and no one besides the researcher will know that you responded to this link.  In all findings, analysis, and subsequent papers your identity will be protected.

Participation is completely voluntary and you can choose not to answer any questions or end the survey at any point.

Access the survey link.

She is also seeking participants to take part in more in depth one-on-one interviews for a $30 stipend. stipend for participating and you can contact me directly or fill out the request to be contacted for an interview at the end of the survey.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the researcher by email or by phone at 908-489-1855.

The NSVRC encourages research and reviews requests to share opportunities to participate with our National Advisory Council Research Committee on a regular basis.  The NSVRC does not sponsor or endorse methods, findings, or publications stemming from this research project.  We encourage you to review the intent and method of this research to decide for yourself if it safe to participate and worthy of your time.