Executive Director

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Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault
FLSA Status: 
Saturday, August 30, 2014

This full-time position spearheads the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual (MNCASA) in efforts to end sexual violence, promote prevention, and effect socail change. The Executive Director is the public envoy for MNCASA on a state, regional, and national level and must be knowledgeable in issues pertaining to sexual violence, including primary prevention, intervention, and the root causes of sexual violence. This visionary leader pictures a world without sexual violence, set goals for MNCASA to develop that vision, and empowers staff to implement those goals while continuing to address the needs of current and future victims. The Executive Director ensures that the dynamic and growing organization has the resources and support required to maintain MNCASA’s reputation as a national frontrunner and effectively steer the statewide sexual violence advocacy network, systems change strategies, the Sexual Violence Justice Institute, and the sexual violence/child sexual abuse prevention agenda. The person in this role is the driving force for the agency, monitoring the agency’s breadth of work and outcomes to ensure that MNCASA is respected for its vision, quality of work, and commitment to addressing the complexity of sexual violence through broad and deep collaborations. Submit applications in the form of a cover letter and resume.

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