Domestic and Sexual violence Resource Center Coorinator

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Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
Monday, November 11, 2013

Responsible for the daily management and operations of the office of the Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, which is a collection owned by the Michigan Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention and Treatment Board (MDSVPTB). Manage the collection to ensure the provision of high quality information on domestic and sexual violence to agencies and individuals in the state of Michigan. Evaluate and acquire current literature (e-books, books, training manuals, curricula, reports and statistics), videos, electronic resources and journals that enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to strengthen service delivery for survivors.


Typical Duties

• Ensure that the Resource Center is open, staffed and available to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for state holidays.

• Ensure that the Resource Center is accessible by web, mail, e-mail, telephone and fax.

• Supervise the development and maintenance of the Resource Center website. Provide leadership in the development of issue specific content for the web site re-design and monitor the approved website redesign.

• Coordinate website testing including prelaunch usability testing, link function testing, and beta testing with select patrons. Ensure all Resource Center website links are live on a daily and weekly basis.

• Provide leadership for the utilization of e-books, moving the collection from books to e-books, as feasible.

• Oversee and respond to daily resource requests, including oversight of trouble ticket system for requests.

• Coordinate and participate in the provision of sound, accurate information to domestic and sexual violence service providers and other stakeholders and individuals on the full range of domestic and sexual violence intervention.

• Carefully monitor national and statewide electronic lists, subscribe to publications such as the Domestic Violence Report, Sexual Assault Report, and National Domestic Violence Bulletin, as well as regularly checking National Resource Centers websites.

• Assist patrons in identifying and obtaining relevant resources from the Collection, linking survivors with needed local resources when needed.

• Keep records of circulation and materials using a library tracking system.

• Check materials in and out of the Collection.

• Catalogue and classify Collection materials.

• Teach library patrons to search for information using online databases, as needed. Conduct ongoing collection analysis and development, regularly discarding and adding materials in light of the assessed needs.

• Distribute Survey monkey feedback link to all patrons receiving materials. Link will be provided by DHS-MDSVPTB.

• Publicize the Resource Center through e-mail, listserv, social media, and as approved by the DHS-MDSVPTB.

• Summarize articles describing emerging issues in journals subscribed to by the Resource Center and distribute to DHS-MDSVPTB listservs.

• Continuously review professional publications to keep up-to-date on current print and non-print resources.

• Purchase relevant, mutually agreed upon, materials for the collection.

• Review current materials on emerging issues and make recommendations to the DHS-MDSVPTB regarding purchases.

• Subscribe to online databases and other electronic resources as approved by the DHS-MDSVPTB.

• Maintain the integrity of the patron database.

• Responsible for the oversight and implementation of all Resource Center technological initiatives. Implementation of Follett Library Software, maintenance of web page, Overdrive electronic resources, daily social media communications, weekly listserve communications, and bi-monthly electronic newsletter.

• Manage circulations and inventory of the Resource Center materials, equipment and furnishings.

• Coordinate and staff Resource Center Mobile Lending Library

• Oversee and participate in the development of Best Practices and Model Policy Collection.

• Research and stay abreast of emerging issues in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault.

• Responsible for making purchasing decisions regarding resources, subscriptions and equipment.

• Responsible for compiling monthly Reports to Funder and participating in ensuring that contract obligations are met.

• Responsible for the project supervision for Resource Center staff and temporary staff or volunteers. Coordinates the day-to-day workflow and activities of the Resource Center staff and provides oversight of interns and consultants of Resource Center.

Qualifications • Minimum Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience. • Demonstrated experience and knowledge in the field of domestic and sexual violence, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues related to domestic and sexual violence. • Demonstrated skills in digital library management, e-books and e-resources, digitization of resources and implementation of web-based library resources • An openness to exploring and utilizing the latest in technology for Resource Center patrons • Program management skills • Demonstrated excellence in customer service • Excellent oral and written communications • Experience in collaborative leadership • Expertise in marketing through social media • Experience in OverDrive a plus. • Creative and critical-thinking skills, problem solving ability. • Understanding of issues of cultural and socioeconomic diversity as they apply to domestic and sexual violence prevention, intervention, and services. • Strong writing and editing skills. • Demonstrated collaborative leadership skills. • Proficiency with the management of electronic and paper books, resource cataloguing, particularly OverDrive and Follett Destiny helpful but not necessary.
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Fax cover sheet, resume, writing sample, 3 references, and salary history and requirements to MCEDSV, 517-347-1377 E.O.E.
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