Director of Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention

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Massachusetts Health Office of Human Resources
Public Health
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Director of Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Unit oversees all of these programs and initiatives and serves as the central policy and program developer on sexual and domestic violence for the Department of Public Health. The major programs within the unit include: the network of comprehensive Rape Crisis Centers, Batterers’ Intervention, the Refugee and Immigrant Domestic Violence Program, the LGBT sexual violence program, the rural domestic violence program, the State Prevention Team on Sexual Violence, and collaboration with the state sexual assault coalition (Jane Doe, Inc.).

The SDVP Director’s work includes a great deal of intra-agency and inter-agency collaboration and coordination at senior levels of policy and program development. She serves as the co-chair of the Massachusetts Coalition for Sex Offender Management along with the director of the Sex Offender Registry Board from the Executive Office of Public Safety and oversees the Department of Public Health’s work in the area of implementing federal legislation known as the Prisoner Rape Elimination Act – work done collaboratively with staff from the Department of Corrections and the Department of Youth Services.

Additionally, the SDVP Director works very collaboratively with those programs – within the Division and within other state agencies - addressing domestic violence in order to assure continuity and coordination of services. This work is done largely through a cross agency/cross Secretariat group known as the State Funders of Domestic and Sexual Violence where the Director plays a key leadership role. In addition, the Director has played a leadership role on Commissions and Task Forces on domestic violence and sexual assault emanating from the Governor’s Office. In the current incarnation, the Governor’s Council Addressing Sexual and Domestic Violence, the Director will once again play a leadership role as this Council moves forward.

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