Strengthening The Evidence Base For Prevention Of Sexual & Intimate Partner Violence In Low & Middle Income Countries

Call for Proposals
Monday, March 10, 2014


Through this call for proposals, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) aims to support research or research related activities that will strengthen the evidence base for the prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence in low and middle income countries.  

Projects should be for a maximum of 12 months duration, and the grant is expected to cover all, or the majority of, the project costs.  The common characteristic of these grants is the provision of limited funding for a short period of time with clear measurable outcomes. Grants to a maximum of USD $100,000 may be awarded. Awards will only be made to institutions and not to individuals. For more information, view the guideline information online.

Types of projects that may be supported through this call for proposals include:

Pilot or feasibility studies
Secondary analysis of existing data
Small, self-contained research projects that are either stand alone or fit within a larger project which will build on, or support primary prevention of SIPV efforts
Development of methods and tools for SIPV prevention research
Development of new and or/adaptation of promising primary prevention interventions
Support for an additional component / arm of a study already underway
Dissemination of research findings through publications, presentations at workshops or conferences or visits by or to partner scholars
Development of methods and tools for scale up of promising practices in the field of SIPV prevention

If the funds are sought for secondary analysis of data, scale up or dissemination activities, the application must provide sufficient information to enable the scientific quality of the original study to be assessed as well as a description of the activities for which funds are requested.

The closing date for applications for the current round of small research grants is 10th March, 2014 at 11:59:59pm South African Standard Time (4:59:59pm EST). Late applications will not be accepted.
Applications for the RFP - Building evidence base for primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence in low and middle income countries, can be made online.

To access this grant opportunity you must first create an account on proposalCENTRAL. Please ensure that the South African Medical Research Council is selected as the Grant Maker on the drop down menu. All information needed for proposal submission is available online.