NSVRC Internship Application

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center seeks highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in social change and social justice. Interns must demonstrate a strong academic record and preferably have a background in anti-oppression issues. Internships are currently available in our Pennsylvania office.

Interns and volunteers are an essential part of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s work. They perform a wide variety of responsibilities, including research, writing, and outreach. Each intern works closely with a staff member in order to learn from direct hands on experience and contribute to substantive projects. Positions are available for Spring, Summer, and Fall.

We offer both paid and unpaid internships. A number of our interns have received grants or financial aid from their schools to participate in our internship program, as well as earning course credit. We encourage students to contact their school's financial aid office to see if they can offer any assistance.

To apply, please complete the application form available below and make sure to include your primary interests.

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