News Type News Date Postedsort descending
Press Releases PCAR Receives Award to Establish NSVRC 10/20/1999
Press Releases Overall Crime Victimization Rate Decreases 10% but Rape Increases 20% 9/5/2000
Press Releases VAWA Reauthorization is Good for the Nation 9/7/2000
Press Releases NCVS' Crime Statistics Obscure A Clear Picture of Sexual Assault says the NSVRC 6/19/2001
Press Releases The NSVRC Outraged by Eminem's GRAMMY Nominations! 1/19/2002
Press Releases National Sexual Violence Resource Center reveals more focus and unity 4/1/2002
Press Releases National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) Asserts that Cardinal Law's Deposition is missing the point! 5/14/2002
Press Releases Decide To End Sexual Violence! Becomes the National Slogan For Increasing Awareness and Action to End Sexual Violence 8/1/2002
Press Releases National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) Increases Advisory Board 6/4/2003
Press Releases National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) expresses outrage over portrayal of sexual violence at Super Bowl 2/2/2004
Press Releases Recent ruling in Kobe Bryant case assaults Colorado’s rape shield and jeopardizes fair judicial process asserts National Sexual Violence Resource Center 3/18/2004
Press Releases National and Community Organizations Focus on Raising Awareness of Sexual Violence during April, and NSVRC Honors 20 Individuals with Awards 4/25/2005
News From the Field Oregon Implements New Emergency Contraception Law for Sexual Assault Victims 3/3/2008
News From the Field Rape victim pushes for expanded DNA database 5/12/2008
News From the Field Niger Delta Crisis: Women and Children of the Creeks Pay High Price for Nigeria's Oil 7/28/2008
Press Releases CDC Awards Vital Prevention Funding to National Sexual Violence Resource Center 11/3/2009
Press Releases NATIONAL SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH Proclamation, 2010 4/2/2010
Press Releases National Campaign Focuses on Preventing Campus Sexual Assaults 4/5/2010
Press Releases See How We've Grown! NSVRC is celebrating its' 10th Anniversary 5/28/2010