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News From the Field Karzai's approval of "marital rape" law in Afghanistan leads to international rift 8/17/2009
News From the Field Sexually exploited runaway girls reap strong benefits from nurse interventions 8/27/2009
News From the Field 'John schools' try to change attitudes about paid sex 8/27/2009
News From the Field Reconsideration of Asylum Petition Granted in Genital Mutilation Case 8/27/2009
News From the Field Generic of Plan B Approved for Over-the-Counter Distribution 9/4/2009
News From the Field LA Sheriff Commits $3 million for rape case DNA testing 9/4/2009
News From the Field A Move to Register Sex Offenders Globally 9/10/2009
News From the Field Baylor University Study Finds 1 in 33 Women Experience Sexual Advances by a Religious Leader 9/11/2009
Press Releases Movement loses an advocate, friend and mentor: Gail Burns-Smith 9/15/2009
News From the Field Justice Department Commemorates Fifteen Years of the Violence Against Women Act 9/17/2009
News From the Field New initiative to address sexual violence against girls launched at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting 9/29/2009
News From the Field California struggles with paroled sex offenders 9/29/2009
Press Releases Subscribe to NSVRC's E-Newsletter 10/7/2009
News From the Field Tracking of sexual assaults in Alaska 'inadequate', Senate committee says 10/21/2009
News From the Field Rape case to force U.S. defense firms into the open 10/21/2009
News From the Field House Passes Act that Includes Coast Guard and Cruise Sexual Assault Provisions 10/28/2009
News From the Field Professors Available to Discuss Bystander Phenomena in Crimes 11/2/2009
Press Releases CDC Awards Vital Prevention Funding to National Sexual Violence Resource Center 11/3/2009
News From the Field Arte Sana’s position statement: Sexual victimization & political agendas 11/5/2009
Press Releases Franken, Grassley, Feinstein, Hatch Introduce Justice For Survivors Of Sexual Assault Act 11/6/2009