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Current Events Human Rights Watch on DR Congo: Summit Should Support Justice for Rape Victims 6/10/2014
Current Events Egypt: Seven arrested for sexually assaulting student during Tahrir celebrations 6/9/2014
Current Events Indian politician's 'accidental rape' remark adds to rising public anger 6/9/2014
Current Events Global Summit Spotlights Rape in War 6/9/2014
Current Events Commentary -- Congress Moves Forward on Rape-Kit Funding 6/6/2014
News From the Field London Hosting Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict 6/6/2014
Current Events Commentary -- National survey finds that most women experience street harassment, but most women already knew that 6/6/2014
Current Events Montana Judge To Be Censured Over Rape Comments 6/6/2014
Current Events Worldwide incidents ignite protests against violence against women 6/6/2014
Current Events Can governments end sexual violence in war? 6/6/2014
News From the Field Two in Three American Women Experience Sexual Harassment and Assault in Public Spaces 6/3/2014
Current Events Brazil child sex trade alarm as World Cup nears 6/2/2014
Current Events UK: Jimmy Savile abuse reports 'reach 500' 6/2/2014
Current Events African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage Launched in Addis Ababa 6/2/2014
Current Events Report: Malaysian teenager gang-raped by 38 men 6/2/2014
Current Events Public outcry grows over low-caste sisters raped and hanged in India 6/2/2014
Current Events Two Indian sisters 'gang-raped', killed and hanged from a tree 5/29/2014
Current Events States take steps to reduce sexual assault in prisons 5/29/2014
Current Events Harvard graduates wear red tape in sexual assault policy protest 5/29/2014
Current Events Army staff sergeant accused of numerous sex assaults in Afghanistan and Missouri 5/29/2014