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Current Events House Democrats: LGBT Immigrant Minors Need Better Protections Against Sexual Abuse 12/17/2014
Current Events Could a bacterial ‘fingerprint’ solve a sexual assault case? 12/17/2014
Current Events Prince Andrew named in US lawsuit over underage sex claims 1/6/2015
Current Events Five Arrested in India Rape Case 1/6/2015
Current Events New hope for rape kit testing advocates 1/6/2015
Current Events 1st-of-its kind: Fund-raiser to test Detroit rape kits 1/6/2015
Current Events A Look at the Problem of Rape in U.S. Prisons 1/6/2015
News From the Field Presidential Proclamation -- National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2015 1/8/2015
Current Events Study: Perceptions of sexual assault impact police response, thoroughness of investigation 1/8/2015
Current Events New Ontario sex-ed curriculum will include consent awareness 1/12/2015
Current Events Pope Francis Decries Warzone Rape on Eve of Asia Trip 1/12/2015
Current Events Commentary -- 1 In 3 College Men In Survey Say They Would Rape A Woman If They Could Get Away With It 1/12/2015
Current Events Fear of Ebola Curtails Female Genital Mutilation, Offers Hope of Curbing Brutal Ritual 1/14/2015
Current Events How Vanderbilt vandalism investigation turned into dorm rape allegations 1/14/2015
News From the Field Letter from Human Rights Watch to Mayor Landrieu Regarding Internal Task Force to Review Mishandled Rape Cases 1/16/2015
Current Events Egypt: Token reforms fail to end scourge of pervasive violence against women 1/21/2015
Current Events Ex-Vatican sex crimes prosecutor returns to hear appeals 1/21/2015
Current Events Cuomo Wants 'Yes Means Yes' Law For Private Colleges In New York 1/21/2015
Current Events How military sex offenders fly under the radar after returning to civilian life 1/21/2015
Current Events Hagel Criticizes Military’s Culture Of Retaliating Against People Who Report Sexual Assault 1/21/2015