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Current Events Commentary -- I was raped by another man. Here's why I've decided to write about it. 12/7/2015
Current Events The Military Has a New Sexual Assault Plan, But Is It Working? 12/2/2015
Current Events On Slavery Abolition Day, Ban Ki-moon warns of enslavement, trafficking risks for refugees, migrants 12/2/2015
Current Events Commentary -- The story behind the first rape kit 12/1/2015
Current Events Victim-blaming rampant in Australians' attitudes towards violence against women – study 12/1/2015
Current Events Why high school students don’t intervene to stop dating violence 12/1/2015
Current Events New Mexico lawmakers address backlog of untested rape kits 12/1/2015
Press Releases Policies must provide options on and off campus 11/20/2015
Press Releases The film "Spotlight" shines a light on prevention 11/19/2015
Current Events Minnesota: State officials detail backlog of rape kits 11/13/2015
Current Events States Do Better Cracking Down On Child Sex Trafficking, Report Says 11/13/2015
Current Events Pennsylvania: Rape crisis centers cut services as state budget crisis continues 11/12/2015
Current Events Commentary -- UN must make good on its resolution to protect women against wartime violence 11/9/2015
Current Events Commentary -- A Year Later, the World’s Girls are Still Waiting 11/9/2015
Current Events Japan mulls joint comfort women relief with South Korea 11/9/2015
News From the Field APA: Military Sexual Trauma Prevalent and Under Treated 11/6/2015
Current Events Broken System Lets Problem Officers Jump From Job to Job 11/6/2015
Current Events Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct 11/6/2015
Current Events Study: Far more men are raped in the military than reported by Pentagon 11/6/2015
Current Events Florida Data Shows 10,900 Sexual Assault Kits Still Untested 11/6/2015