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Current Events South African judge accused of racism is put on 'special leave' 5/12/2016
Current Events Canada: Jian Ghomeshi apologizes for abusive behaviour, avoids second trial 5/12/2016
Current Events Commentary -- Child Marriage is in the U.S. and We Are Fighting It State-by-State 5/12/2016
Current Events Commentary -- Abu Ghraib prisoners deserve, finally, their day in court 5/12/2016
Press Releases Globe keeps a steady “spotlight” on sexual assault 5/9/2016
Current Events Study: Pennsylvania had backlog of 1,850 untested rape kits 5/5/2016
Current Events After Hastert, Illinois weighs change to child sex abuse law 5/5/2016
Current Events New York: Sex Abuse Victims, Lawmakers Push for Right to Sue Molesters 5/5/2016
News From the Field U.S. Department of Education Releases Report on Office for Civil Rights to Ensure Educational Equity for All Students 5/4/2016
Current Events Man operating sex trafficking enterprise gets life sentence 5/4/2016
Current Events Wheaton group blasts college’s silence over Hastert confession 5/3/2016
Current Events Oklahoma legislation aims to ensure punishment for sex crimes 5/3/2016
Current Events 3 detained after Dalit law student raped, murdered in India 5/3/2016
Current Events Gang rape, murder of Indonesian girl sparks call for reform 5/3/2016
Current Events Defense Secretary Carter Announces Sexual Assault Retaliation Prevention Strategy 4/29/2016
Current Events American University Will Stop Making Sexual Assault Victims Sign Confidentiality Agreements 4/29/2016
Current Events Oklahoma court: Oral sex is not rape if victim is unconscious from drinking 4/29/2016
Current Events Former Speaker Hastert Sentenced to More Than Year in Prison 4/27/2016
Current Events Columbia sued again over student's mattress protest of alleged rape 4/26/2016
Current Events Sexual abuse accuser sues ex-House Speaker Hastert for $1.8 million 4/26/2016