By Andras Gergely
DUBLIN (Reuters) - Ireland will reform its social services for children in line with the recommendations of a report cataloguing decades of abuse by priests published last week, Prime Minister Brian Cowen said on Tuesday.
Cowen apologized to victims for the state's failure to intervene in what the report described as endemic sexual abuse and severe beatings in schools for much of the 20th century and he urged religious orders to pay additional compensation.

A report in London's Daily Telegraph today, citing retired Major Gen.

LONDON (Reuters) - Photographs of Iraqi prisoner abuse which U.S. President Barack Obama does not want released include images of apparent rape and sexual abuse, Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on Thursday.
The images are among photographs included in a 2004 report into prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison conducted by U.S. Major General Antonio Taguba.

By Emma Jones
Rape, scalping and mutilation had some film buffs running for the cinema exit doors - but these were the movies that the Cannes jury chose to reward this year.
Charlotte Gainsbourg was voted best actress for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist, which caused uproar among critics for a graphic scene of genital mutilation, and led to accusations of misogyny. The scene will reportedly be edited before it reaches the general public.
The star of the movie remained defiant.

By Michelle Cole
SALEM -- A young woman at a college party gets drunk and blacks out. Then she's raped.
Oregon is one of 18 states where prosecutors and courts are allowed to consider how she became intoxicated. Did she drink too much? Did somebody slip a drug into her beer?


By Catherine Cannon
15 May 2009
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says the most common form of human trafficking is for sexual exploitation. In a recent report on modern slavery, the UN says that about 79 percent of people enslaved each year are coerced into prostitution. Some experts believe the best solution is to focus on decreasing the demand. 
Human trafficking for sexual exploitation is a growing problem worldwide, according to experts. The victims are mostly women and girls.


May 13, 2009

(Washington, DC) - The United States Senate should move beyond collecting testimony in its commitment to help prevent and punish rape in conflict, Human Rights Watch said today in a written submission to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The US is in a strong position to provide active global leadership and to press for international action, Human Rights Watch said.   

By Yomiuri Shimbun
May 10, 2009
TOKYO – A Japanese computer game in which players rape women and girls, impregnate them and then force them to get abortions has stirred international criticism among human rights groups and lawmakers.
New York-based human rights organization Equality Now has demanded that the sale of the game, developed by a Yokohama-based firm in 2006, be banned in Japan and overseas.

Last update: May 6, 2009 - 9:35 PM

The networking site MySpace has purged 90,000 sex offenders' profiles since 2007, the company said earlier this year. In late March, a Hopkins man classified as a Level III sex offender was charged with repeatedly raping a teenage boy he met through an online service.

Published: May 6, 2009

The Department of Veterans Affairs will review the billing practices of veterans health centers around the country amid concerns that some are improperly charging for care relating to sexual assault in the military, officials said Wednesday.


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