Human Trafficking Survivors Launch Speakers Bureau

Voices of Strength Bring Modern-day Slavery to Light


Atlanta, GA, October 12, 2011 – Not since the 19th century has the Slave-turned-Orator played such an essential role in the struggle for basic human rights. The Truth Panel, introduced by the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation (FDFF), is a Speakers Bureau comprised of human trafficking survivors with a mission to educate the public about the reality of today’s slavery.


The project is dedicated to the legacy of Sojourner Truth who believed that she was called upon by God to travel the country speaking the truth about her experiences in life. Born into slavery in 1797, Truth was intimately familiar with the cruel injustice of servitude and, after gaining her own freedom, she committed her future to those that still languished in bondage.


“Former slaves like Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass were the heart of the Abolitionist movement in this country,” Kenneth B. Morris, Jr. recently told an audience of middle school students. “The survivors of this horrible crime will again lead a pro-freedom movement.” Morris is the President of FDFF as well as the great-great-great grandson of Frederick Douglass and the great-great grandson of Booker T. Washington.


The Panel will provide victim impact at conferences and group gatherings for law enforcement, service providers, the judiciary, chambers of commerce, community centers, boards of tourism, human rights campaigners and, of course, educational institutions.


Anne Seymour, National Crime Victim Advocate, reiterated the importance of the survivors’ role, “In the victim assistance field, the ‘power of the personal story’ has been a driving force since our inception 40 years ago.” 


Truth Panel speakers include advocates and activists such as: Tina Frundt, Anne Bissell, Theresa Flores, Shamere McKenzie and James Kofi Annan. A complete list of current speakers can be found here. To see a brief informational video click here.


The Frederick Douglass Family Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public charity that uses history to educate students and communities about the growing problem of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Truth Panel members are available for speaking engagements across the United States and in other select countries. For more information, interview requests or booking inquiries, please contact Robert J. Benz at 702-523-4845 or email Visit

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