Disabled men at higher risk of sexual abuse than non-disabled men

By Jeannine Stein

Men with disabilities may be particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse, a study finds, and much more likely to report sexual violence over their lifetime compared with men who aren't disabled.

The statistics are part of a study released online Tuesday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that surveyed 25,756 men and women who were part of a regional health survey. Among the participants, about 21% had a disability. Part of the survey focused on sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, and unwanted sexual touching and sexual exposure over the past year as well as over a lifetime. While other studies have documented sexual abuse against disabled women, less is known, the authors said, about disabled men.

About 13.9% of men who had a disability reported lifetime sexual violence, while 3.7% of men without disabilities reported the same. Among women with disabilities, 26.6% said they experienced lifetime sexual violence compared with 12.4% of women who weren't disabled.

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