Sandusky arrives to Camp Hill State Prison same day 'Victim 1' releases book

By Dave Marcheskie

Sandusky arrived to State Correctional Facility at Camp Hill around the same time Silent No More hit bookshelves. The same day 'Victim One' gained freedom by releasing a tell-all book while his predator lost freedom.

Once a number -- a sketch, is now a name - a face attached to a horrific story. Aaron Fisher broke his anonymity late last week while speaking out on the abc investigative program 20/20.

"Victim means like ya know…people feel sympathy for you. I don't want that," Fisher told Chris Cuomo.

Instead, the 19 year-old would rather be seen as a beacon of hope. Fisher found solace in writing Silent No More. The book chronicles his graphic encounters with Jerry Sandusky and his struggle to find anyone who would believe him.

On the same day when Sandusky was transferred from Centre County Prison to SCI in Camp Hill, it is easy for many to see the end result.

Fisher doesn't want anyone to forget. Anyone who reads his book - won't.

Along with his mother Dawn Daniels, and personal psychologist Michael Gillum, Fisher flashbacks to when he first met Sandusky in the Second Mile Program.

Fisher describes several disturbing revelations. In chapter four, 'Taking of Innocence' he tells a story about one night in the basement of the Sandusky home. While the former coach was molesting Fisher, Sandusky's wife, Dottie, called down to Jerry for help. Fisher wrote Jerry yelled up to Dottie that he was fixing an air hockey table and was busy.

"Sarge never went down to the basement," Fisher wrote. "Sarge wasn't coming down to the basement for the very reason that she knew," he added.

In the same chapter, Fisher confessed when asked to give a number he first told investigators he was abused "upwards of 24 times". Fisher wrote in reality it was "hundreds of times". The young man wrote he couldn't deal with the real number because it "made me sick".

Sick, is attorney Karl Rominger. He along with attorney Joe Amendola have consistently claimed their client (Jerry Sandusky) is innocent and the victims are looking to receive a paycheck from a prominent Penn State figure.

Rominger spoke with abc27 NEWS and said, "It'll be interesting to see what a jury on a second trial thinks when people aren't able to deny a financial gain or motive from their testimony."

Sandusky's defense team filed an appeal last week asking the court to reverse the conviction and hold a new trial based on the premise legal council was not given sufficient time to prepare a case.

Until then, Sandusky will remain at in state prison for the next several weeks. While at SCI at Camp Hill the 68 year-old will undergo a series of evaluations. Prison officials will then determine which state prison he will be transferred to. Rominger would not speculate where his client would go. Other legal experts previously told abc27 Sandusky will be places based on his age, health, and nature of crimes.

Rockview State Prison typically houses inmates who commit heinous crimes. The location is also just a few miles away from Sandusky's home in Lemont.

Rominger said lawyers are typically not privy to such information, nor was council aware Sandusky was transported Tuesday morning. Within the next few days a visitation list will be complied according to Rominger.

"As soon as the legal visitations are approved I will begin counseling with him," he said.

In June, a jury convicted Sandusky on 45 counts of child sex abuse. Earlier this month, Judge John Cleland sentenced him to 30 to 60 years in state.


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