Violence dominates at Cannes

By Emma Jones
Rape, scalping and mutilation had some film buffs running for the cinema exit doors - but these were the movies that the Cannes jury chose to reward this year.
Charlotte Gainsbourg was voted best actress for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist, which caused uproar among critics for a graphic scene of genital mutilation, and led to accusations of misogyny. The scene will reportedly be edited before it reaches the general public.
The star of the movie remained defiant.
"I'm very proud to have been in this film," Gainsbourg told a winners' press conference. "I know people have had different reactions to it, but he's a great artist."
Brilliante Mendoza from the Philippines was given the best director prize for Kinatay, which features the lengthy rape and murder of a prostitute.
"It's not a date movie, " jury member Hanif Kureshi told the press in defence of the award.
"You've just got to admire its heart. Having said that - it's not something I want to see again."
Then there was Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds in competition. A gory romp through an alternative history of World War II, the focus of the movie was on disposing of as many Nazis as possible in inimitable Tarantino style.
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