Strauss-Kahn investigated for alleged rape at D.C. hotel sex party

By Edward Cody

PARIS — A French prosecutor has ordered a preliminary investigation into whether Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund and once a leading candidate to become president of France, participated in gang rape at a sex party he is accused of helping to organize in a Washington hotel.

The announcement on Monday from prosecutor Frederic Fevre in the northern French city of Lille added another sulfurous allegation of illicit sex to a list that has torpedoed Strauss-Kahn’s once-bright political future and made him an undesirable outcast whose very presence is politically embarrassing to his former colleagues in the Socialist Party.

Strauss-Kahn, 63, was charged by Fevre on March 26 with helping procure prostitutes for a number of sex parties in France and the United States. The gatherings included a December 2010 party at the W Hotel in Washington. On Monday, Fevre said authorities are now also investigating accusations that Strauss-Kahn committed gang rape, allegedly sodomizing a prostitute while a friend of his held her down.

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