Seven correction officers at Rikers Island raped and sexually abused female inmates over a two-year period, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday by the Legal Aid Society.

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(CNN)A new study about the incidence of rape involving college freshmen women will probably add to the ongoing debate about whether enough is being done on campuses to keep students safe.

Police across the country are investigating more than 1,400 men – including 261 high-profile individuals – over allegations of child abuse in the past, a senior officer running the national operation has revealed.

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A group of students and teachers filed a first-of-its-kind class-action lawsuit on Monday to try to compel California’s Compton Unified School District to take into account the needs of students affected by trauma.

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There are still more than 9,000 untested rape kits in crime labs in five major U.S. cities, according to information obtained by the national group Joyful Heart Foundation.

The backlog includes more than 2,800 untested kits in San Diego, California; nearly 2,000 in both Jacksonville, Florida and Portland, Oregon; more than 1,300 in Kansas City, Missouri; and more than 1,000 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Since the military takeover in July 2013, there has been a surge in sexual violence perpetrated by the security forces in Egypt, asserts a report released today by FIDH.

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Two Argentine judges are under fire for reducing the sentence of a convicted child abuser on the grounds that his 6-year-old victim had suffered earlier abuse and therefore had already been traumatized.

In the newly publicized 2014 ruling, the judges cut the sentence of Mario Tolosa, a sports club vice president, from six years to 38 months. They ruled that his acts should not be considered "gravely outrageous" in legal terms because the boy already "was making a precocious choice" of his sexuality, apparently a reference to homosexuality.

Both victims and abusers will give evidence when the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse holds public hearings in the Victorian city of Ballarat. Lateline's Hamish Fitzsimmons was given exclusive access to a support group for survivors.

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The 113-page report, “Embattled: Retaliation against Sexual Assault Survivors in the US Military,” finds that both male and female military personnel who report sexual assault are 12 times as likely to experience some form of retaliation as to see their attacker convicted of a sex offense. Retaliation against survivors ranges from threats, vandalism, and harassment to poor work assignments, loss of promotion opportunities, disciplinary action including discharge, and even criminal charges.


At the Carter Center in Atlanta this week, the first World Summit to End Human Trafficking took place. Coinciding with the event, Atlanta-based organization youthSpark is releasing a new study about the sex trade involving young males.

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