NOTE: This article contains disturbing content that may be triggering for some readers.


In the tight-knit communities of the far north, there are no roads, no police officers—and higher rates of sexual assault than anywhere else in the United States.


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MOUNT DORA -- Three families of deaf children are filing lawsuits, claiming their children were neglected and abused at a Mt. Dora school.

The allegations range from sexual abuse to malnutrition.

Ninety-nine times in the past decade, the Department of Children and Families has launched investigations at the National Deaf Academy in Mt. Dora, also known as NDA Behavioral Health Systems.


In what many might see as typical Pentagon fashion, the Department of Defense concluded in 2010 that “most active-duty members receive effective training on sexual assault.”

But a new University of Michigan study suggests otherwise. It raises questions about the effectiveness of the military’s efforts at sexual assault prevention and awareness.


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NOTE: This article contains disturbing content that may be triggering for some readers.

Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S. military, and more than half of the victims are men. According to the Pentagon, thirty-eight military men are sexually assaulted every single day. These are the stories you never hear—because the culprits almost always go free, the survivors rarely speak, and no one in the military or Congress has done enough to stop it.


The degree to which traffickers use violence as part of a structured business strategy surprised researchers who on Wednesday are releasing a preliminary study of the business strategy behind the juvenile sex trade in Minneapolis.

Funded by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Children, Youth & Family Consortium, researchers examined nearly six years of Minneapolis police and Hennepin County district court records, looked at seven years of media reports and interviewed 89 people who work directly with victims.


U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., called on the Senate Tuesday to act on legislation that some believe will make it harder for sexual predators to get jobs in schools.

Toomey's bill -- the Protecting Students from Sexual and Violent Predators Act -- passed unanimously last October in the House, but has stalled in the Senate.


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(Nairobi) – Soldiers from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have sexually abused and exploited vulnerable Somali women and girls on their bases in Mogadishu, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Troop-contributing countries, the African Union (AU), and donors to AMISOM should urgently address these abuses and strengthen procedures inside Somalia to seek justice.

A study by researchers at University College and Kings College London, published today in Psychological Medicine, reports that of women with severe mental illness surveyed for the study, 40% had been the victims of rape or attempted rape.


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The NCAA has developed a handbook for its member institutions to address universities' responsibilities in dealing with sexual assault and interpersonal violence.


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UNITED NATIONS — One in 10 girls worldwide have been forced into a sexual act, and six in 10 children aged 2 to 14 are regularly beaten by parents and caregivers, according to a report issued Thursday by the United Nations’ children’s agency, Unicef.


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