Prosecutor Kim Worthy said Thursday 760 forensic hits and 188 serial rapists have been identified from the more than 1,600 kits that have been tested.

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The White House’s ongoing campaign to fight campus sexual assaults has aired a new ad that isn’t aimed at would-be perpetrators or victims but at bystanders who don’t realize they can make a difference.

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In 2000, New York had 17,000 untested rape kits, a yearslong accumulation of potential evidence in some of the city’s most violent crimes. Over the next four years, in a push to clear the backlog, the city had the kits tested. The result was 49 indictments connected to unsolved cases in Manhattan alone.

A scathing examination of this city’s Police Department has concluded that five detectives tasked with investigating sex crimes failed to pursue hundreds of reported cases, finding records of follow-up efforts in only 14 percent of such calls over three years.

Verna Jones wants to push for more “accountability and consequences,” especially when it comes to the sexual harassment and military sexual trauma experienced by many female veterans.

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Federal investigators are looking into allegations of discrimination, retaliation and a sexually hostile work environment in the Grand Canyon’s river corridor.

A group of 13 former and current Grand Canyon employees sent a letter to the Interior Department in September, alleging at least 15 years of abuses and prompting an investigation by the agency’s office of inspector general.

In May, the Department of Education named 55 colleges and universities facing sexual violence investigations. The unprecedented list – which includes some of America's most prestigious colleges and has since climbed to 86 institutions – circulated widely and proved to be a powerful tool for raising awareness about college sexual assault.

But the list was missing something: the K-12 school districts that also face federal inquiry for how they handle sexual violence.

Pope Francis has created a new Vatican commission to hear appeals of priests and bishops accused of what the church considers grave crimes, such as sexual abuse of minors, wrongful use of the sacrament of penance, and ordination of women.

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Robert R. Jennings, the president of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, suggested in a speech to female students this fall that several women on campus had made false rape charges the previous semester and that they were responsible for putting themselves in those situations.

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NEW DELHI: The Nirbhaya gangrape case of December 16, 2012 saw a city rise in a first of its kind outpouring on the streets of Delhi to uphold every woman's right to safety and dignity.

Invoking that spirited rise of civil society against violence, the four day MenEngage Global Symposium began in the Capital on Monday. The focus of the varied sessions planned for the next three days speakers will dwell on gender and ways to bridge the gaps to build an equal world for both men and women.


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