The largest ever meeting on sexual violence in conflict will take place from June 10 to 13, 2014, in London, where representatives of most of the world’s countries will discuss how to end this use of rape. This follows the September 2013 U.N.

Economic growth has brought thousands of workers here from other parts of Brazil and overseas. But according to aid workers these areas are also frequented by men looking for sex, and that's often sex with children.

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There have been at least 500 reports of abuse by ex-BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, NSPCC research for Panorama has found. Most of the alleged victims were between the ages of 13 and 15, but the youngest was two.

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The first African Union campaign to end child marriage was launched on Thursday last week (May 29) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said that "child marriage compromises the development of girls and is an infringement of their rights." He went on to say that it was incumbent to work in unison to end the harmful practice of child marriage if women are to play a meaningful role in the continent's development.

Malaysian police have detained 13 men and are looking for other suspects following allegations that a 15-year-old girl was raped by 38 men in an abandoned hut, media said on Friday.


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Police arrested a third suspect Saturday in the gang rape and slaying of two teenage cousins found hanging from a tree in northern India, as a top state official said he was recommending a federal investigation into a case that has triggered national outrage.


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Authorities in northern India have arrested three men, including two police officers, suspected of gang-raping and killing two teenage sisters before hanging their bodies from a mango tree.

The deaths have sparked renewed public outrage over sexual violence in the country.

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The majority of U.S. states and territories are taking steps to reduce sexual assaults in prisons as required by federal law, according to Justice Department officials.

But seven states and one territory face a 5 percent reduction in federal grants because their governors have either refused to adopt federal standards to combat prison sexual assault as required by the Prison Rape Elimination Act, or have not committed to comply with the law, the officials said.

BOSTON — Dozens of Harvard University seniors marked their graduation caps with red tape in support of victims of sexual assault and to protest the school's response to campus attacks.


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An Army staff sergeant is accused of sexually assaulting several female soldiers since 2011, including at least one while he was deployed to Afghanistan and others more recently while he served as a drill sergeant, according to military officials and court documents.


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