Public outrage over the lenient sentencing of a star Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault has been compounded by a controversial letter written by the athlete’s father.

Brock Turner was convicted in March of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at a fraternity party in January 2015 at the elite university. He faced up to 14 years in prison. Prosecutors asked for six.

Pope Francis on Saturday scrapped his proposed tribunal to prosecute bishops who covered up for pedophile priests after it ran into opposition and instead clarified legal procedures to remove them if the Vatican finds they were negligent.

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A dispute is growing between the Pentagon and the Air Force's former chief prosecutor over how the military handles sex assault cases — and it reaches the office of Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Retired Col. Don Christensen, who is now president of Protect our Defenders, a group that advocates for military service members who have been sexually harassed or assaulted, is pushing back hard on the Defense Department's suggestion that Christensen and his group don't understand how the sexual assault prosecution process works.

Coincidental rather than coordinated, the protests have been sparked by separate outrages: the alleged gang rape of a 16-year-old in Rio de Janeiro last week and the murder of a pregnant 14-year-old girl in Argentina’s Santa Fe province last year.

These and other high-profile cases have helped to stir a debate about femicide, rape, domestic violence and other forms of abuse in a region where such maltreatment has long been swept under the carpet.

It is a town in turmoil, thrust into national headlines by a tale of racially charged violence and negligence graphically detailed in a $10 million lawsuit the McDaniels filed last week against the 230-student school district.

In some areas, entire communities live off the business, abetted by increasing internet speeds, advancing cameraphone technology, and growing ease of money transfers across borders.

And while perpetrators used to download photos and videos to their hard drives – providing authorities with a virtual paper trail and usable evidence – criminals have found anonymity in encrypted live-streaming programs.

Police in Rio de Janeiro said on Monday they are certain a 16-year-old girl was gang raped earlier this month, but added that it will be hard to prove her allegation that she was assaulted by more than 30 men.

Two suspects in the case, which came to light after a video of the May 21 incident was posted to Twitter almost a week ago, shocking Brazilians, were placed in custody on Monday, authorities said. Arrest warrants are pending for four others.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon is relying on information it won't make public to dispute an Associated Press investigation that found the military misled Congress about sexual assault cases to blunt support for Senate legislation.

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It is crucial to understand pornography as a form of violence against women. Overwhelmingly, content is produced and consumed by men, with strikingly consistent themes. The content categories of two of the most popular tube sites — XHamster and Pornhub — reveal a dismal pattern of endless scenarios of male dominance and female subordination, categorized by specific acts, female body parts, race and age.

The Oct. 23, 2015, incident has rocked the tiny town of Dietrich, Idaho. This spring, after several months of investigation, the state attorney general’s office filed sexual assault charges against the three. Two of the teenagers are being charged as adults and could face life in prison, under Idaho law.


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