LONDON, June 2 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Child abuse and neglect are costing countries in East Asia and the Pacific an estimated $209 billion a year, equivalent to 2 percent of the region's GDP, researchers said on Tuesday in the region's first study of the economic impact of abuse.

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — A judge in Argentina has resigned amid sharp criticism for reducing the sentence of a convicted child abuser because the 6-year-old victim supposedly showed signs of being gay.

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A Nome-based Superior Court judge is facing formal disciplinary charges from a state body, after an alleged pattern of unprofessional behavior in court and offering defendants plea deals from the bench.

In a complaint signed by Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct Chair Keith Levy, the commission said it had found probable cause for action against Second Judicial District Judge Timothy Dooley.

A government minister recently stirred a debate when he told the parliament that marital rape could not be criminalised in India as "marriages are sacrosanct" in the country. BBC Hindi's Parul Agarwal reports on the controversy.

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The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict has condemned Boko Haram militias in Nigeria for “waging war on women’s physical, sexual and reproductive autonomy and rights” by repeatedly raping their female captors and treating them as vessels for producing children for fighters.

“In this context, sexual violence is not merely incidental, but integral, to their strategy of domination and self-perpetuation,” Zainab Hawa Bangura said in a statement.

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Friday named Army Maj. Gen. Camille Nichols to lead the Pentagon's battle against sexual assault in the ranks.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The state Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Thursday over a lawsuit calling for the city of Nashville to force the release of records in a case involving former Vanderbilt football players charged with rape.

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Cyclops is not unique, of course, in playing sexual violence for humor’s sake. There are plenty of rape jokes in classical literature ... But the particular rape joke in the Cyclops follows a scene where two characters are drinking and chatting before the stronger one drags the other off into a back room. I planned my lesson, wondering: could I teach this text in a college classroom without at least acknowledging that alcohol-fueled acquaintance rape is a topic that’s deeply, painfully relevant to many college students?

Because the reality is that some of these men got away with their alleged crimes for years (decades, even) without ever being publicly exposed. Others saw their victims come forward only to be laughed off and dismissed by the culture at large – victims forced to watch the world fawn over their abusers while the statute of limitations achingly slipped away.

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A 22-year-old woman was raped by five men on a minibus in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, authorities said, in a case with chilling echoes of the fatal attack on a woman in New Delhi in 2012.

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