Nevada lawmakers authorized another $1.2 million this week to continue chipping away at a backlog of thousands of sexual assault evidence kits that went untested for years, sometimes decades.

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When Stephen Port was convicted last week of the rape, drugging, and murder of four young men, police began to look again at dozens more cases involving date-rape drugs. But an investigation by BuzzFeed News into the hidden world of “chemsex” reveals, through unprecedented first person testimony, that this is just the beginning.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Progress is being made to test nearly 3,000 rape kits in Utah, even as a state legislator is pushing for a bill to make testing the kits mandatory.

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New sexual harassment accusations against former Fox News network chief Roger Ailes were revealed in a lawsuit filed against 21st Century Fox on Monday.

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The state of Georgia is making a big push to get untested rape kits checked by crime labs.

Rape kits are used to identify a perpetrator through DNA testing, and both Georgia and Florida have backlogs of thousands of untested kits.

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The operators of, a controversial classifieds website that researchers and victims’ advocates have linked to sex trafficking, are no longer facing criminal charges after a California state judge dismissed a case against the website’s CEO and co-founders on Friday, ending the latest attempt to shutter the site or its adult services section.

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One in three of Arizona’s homeless young adults has been sex trafficked. That is one of the findings from the latest Youth Experiences Survey by Arizona State University's School of Social Work.

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The amount a college student drinks has less of an impact on whether or not they will commit sexual assault than where they drink, according to a recent study.

Researchers from the University at Buffalo's Research Institute on Addictions found that male students were more likely to commit sexual assault against a fellow student if they drank at a bar or party rather than drinking in their dorm.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Colleges that expel students whom they suspect of having committed sexual assault are being asked to go further by specifying the reason for expulsion on their transcripts.

Victims' advocates say it's critical to ensuring that such students don't end up on other campuses without their new schools knowing the potential risk and to holding them accountable, long term, so they can't just move on with a clean slate.

ALBUQUERQUE — The State Auditor’s Office says New Mexico leads the nation in the rate of untested DNA evidence collected in sexual assault cases, in part because of poor tracking procedures and officers doubting victims’ credibility.

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