Rape culture isn't isolated to the heterosexual community alone, it invades even these queer spaces and imbues woman-hating behaviour into queer men as well -- something displayed day-to-day in the ever-growing "Masc4Masc" culture of the gay community.

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The Michigan attorney general has received more than 50 additional complaints since a former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor was arrested Monday and accused of sexually assaulting female minors throughout his career.

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Some 960 members of the Canadian military reported being victims of sexual assault in the last year, and 27 percent of women in the armed forces have been sexually assaulted during their career, Statistics Canada said on Monday.

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The English Football Association (FA) has launched an internal review to examine allegations of children being sexually abused at professional soccer clubs.

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The extent to which violence is embedded in society means that uprooting it is everyone’s job, senior United Nations official said today, lamenting that violence against women and girls continue to be a low priority on the international development agenda and urging more action – and more funding – to end the pandemic of such violence now, once and for all.

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Women who fight wildfires for the federal government describe their work as isolating and lonely — and scary in a way that has nothing to do with fire. In a male-dominated, hypermasculine discipline that operates like the military, they face discrimination, sexual harassment and verbal abuse.

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None of the sexual assault and rape cases reported by inmates in Texas prisons have been appropriately followed up on, according to a new survey of Texas prisoners. Instead, the vast majority of inmates who have reported abuse have been retaliated against for filing a complaint in the first place.

New legislation in Prince George’s County aims to hold landlords and property managers accountable for prostitution and human trafficking at their rental properties — the latest sign of a growing concern in an immigrant-rich corner of the Washington suburb.

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Megyn Kelly is speaking out about the sexual harassment that she allegedly experienced at the hands of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

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When Marie Billiel was a food server, sexual harassment was part of the job. She was locked in the walk-in cooler with male co-workers, whistled at, and touched and kissed against her will, she said. She endured comments about her body and persistent requests for dates.


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