Ninety-one percent of the nation’s colleges have told the federal government there were no rapes reported on their campuses in 2014, a statistic that the American Association of University Women said “defies reality.”

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The U.S. Navy's top officer on Thursday announced additional measures aimed at reducing and eliminating sexual assaults in the service, calling such attacks a "scourge in our workforce."

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson said continued efforts to combat sexual assaults were a central part of his goal of strengthening the entire Navy workforce - one of four pillars of new strategic guidance released last week.

Those trying to cross the border from Mexico to the US risk being abused or trafficked. Alma Tucker has created a safe home for girls caught in this trade.

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Estimates of those being sex trafficked globally range between 12 million and 30 million. Educators and advocates want U.S. teens to know the problem could be very close to home.

To this end, advocacy groups are bringing teacher trainings and curriculum to combat sex trafficking into classrooms.

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WASHINGTON — Human traffickers used fiancé and work visas to bring dozens of victims to the United States, exploiting a lack of data sharing between immigration offices within the Department of Homeland Security, according to the agency’s internal watchdog.

A troubled Portland foster care provider has faced dozens of abuse and neglect reports since 2001, newly released complaint logs show — with serious accusations, including rape and sexual assault, allowed to pass without full investigations.

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LOS ANGELES — Although crimes including murder and rape are up across the board in Los Angeles, the city is still far less violent than it has been in the past, city leaders said Wednesday as they released citywide statistics for 2015.

Homicides and rapes each jumped by 9 percent in the nation's second-largest city last year compared with 2014, while robberies went up by 13 percent, according to statistics released by the Los Angeles Police Department. Violent crime overall increased by 20 percent, and car theft went up by 17 percent.

A group of National Park Service employees stationed at the Grand Canyon has demonstrated a “long-term pattern” of sexual harassment, according to a new report, with nearly three dozen employees reporting or witnessing inappropriate behavior over the last 15 years.

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department will pay up to $7.9 million to Baltimore female public housing tenants who alleged that workers demanded sex in exchange for repairs and other work, officials said on Friday.

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Two hundred current and returned Peace Corps volunteers around the world have signed a petition to Congress to reinstate an outspoken advocate for victims of sexual assault who was pushed out four years after lawmakers demanded that the agency show it was serious about volunteers’ security.

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