For decades, Bob Jones University told sexual assault survivors that they were to blame for the abuse, and not to report it because doing so would damage their families, their church and the university, according to a long-awaited investigative report released Thursday.

NFL teams have unanimously endorsed a new personal conduct policy for all NFL employees after discussions that included experts on domestic violence and sexual assault, the league announced Wednesday.

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10 December 2014 – One in four children has been physically abused, one in five girls has been sexually abused and one in three women has been a victim of physical violence at some point in her lifetime, according to the first report of its kind on violence prevent by three United Nations agencies released today.

When Jackie, the woman at the center of a recent Rolling Stone article about sexual assault at the University of Virginia, gave conflicting details about her alleged gang-rape by seven fraternity brothers, news outlets were quick to suggest that she may not have been telling the truth.

A Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Tuesday focused on the role of law enforcement in campus sexual assault cases.

"I am concerned that law enforcement is being marginalized when it comes to the crime of campus sexual assault," said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., the subcommittee chairman. "I'm concerned that the specter of flawed law enforcement overshadows the harm of marginalized law enforcement."

Graphic details about sexual threats and other harsh interrogation techniques the CIA meted out to captured militants will be detailed by a Senate Intelligence Committee report on the spy agency's anti-terror tactics, sources familiar with the document said.

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Rolling Stone has clarified its apology over a story that had reported a female student was gang-raped at a University of Virginia fraternity, telling readers the mistakes were the magazine's fault, not the woman's.

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According to an anonymous survey released last week by the Pentagon, nearly 1 percent of males in the U.S. military said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact, compared to 4.3 percent of women. That equates to about 10,500 men and 8,500 women. Yet only 14 percent of assaults reported last year involved male victims.

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Being harassed on the street by strange men is something most women are used to dealing with on a near constant basis. Trans women are no exception. It seems just as bad when we "pass," and can be even worse, and definitely different, when we "fail" to "pass." These are my experiences.

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WASHINGTON — A new military study says that reports of rapes and sexual assaults in the military increased 8 percent in the fiscal year ending September 2014, Obama administration officials said.

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