24 April 2014 – Despite unprecedented political momentum to fight rape in war zones, sexual violence remains a global crime affecting women, men and children in more than 20 countries, a senior United Nations official announced today urging greater action at the regional and national levels.


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Addressing a recurring dilemma in American criminal law, the US Supreme Court on Wednesday sought to resolve how federal judges are to determine multimillion-dollar restitution payments to victims of child pornography when the illicit images have been viewed and possessed by hundreds or thousands of defendants.


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WASHINGTON — As the high-profile congressional fight over military sexual assault recedes, lawmakers are broadening their focus to an array of sex crimes like college campus assaults, preying on child and human trafficking.


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(Berlin, April 22, 2014) – A ground-breaking European treaty on violence against women moved one step closer to entering into legal force, with Andorra becoming the 10th country to ratify it. With this milestone met, the treaty will become binding on August 1, 2014. Countries ratifying the treaty are obligated to protect and support victims of violence.


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MISSOULA, Mont. — For nearly three years, this college town in the hills of western Montana has lived under the shadow of stories of rapes gone unpunished and complaints that officials minimized or ignored reports of sexual assaults — especially if the suspects played for the University of Montana Grizzlies, the wildly popular football team.


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A second U.N. committee plans to question Vatican officials on failures to stop clergy sex abuse. The hearing scheduled for May 5-6 in Geneva will look at whether the Vatican's record on child protection violates the U.N. Convention Against Torture. The Holy See ratified the treaty in 2002.


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LAS VEGAS -- Vandals targeted the Rape Crisis Center overnight on Thursday, spray painting "The Rapist" in bright red paint near the entrance.


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Two decades after the massacre — during which almost one million minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus lost their lives — most Rwandans are still coping with the trauma of the violence. Most affected are the women who have children born of genocidal rape. It is estimated that between 100,000 and 250,000 women were raped in Rwanda during the genocide.


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Rates of sexual assault in the military are staggering. Our service men and women deserve better than this. A culture of hypermasculinity -- strength and stoicism -- breeds the sense of power and entitlement that drives sexual assault.


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All Natasha S. Alexenko wanted to do after she was raped at gunpoint by an unknown assailant in 1993 was take a shower. But feeling a responsibility to help police solve the crime, she submitted to an exhaustive four-hour physical exam. Never did she imagine that the rape kit — the physical evidence — would sit on a shelf in a police property room for more than nine years. Eventually the rape kit was processed and her attacker imprisoned, but hundreds of thousands of rape kits are thought to be languishing in crime storage facilities across the country.



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