The judge who gave a six-month jail term to a former Stanford University swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious young woman will stop hearing criminal cases, a court official said on Thursday, after a firestorm of criticism.

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Stanford University has removed part of a “Female Bodies and Alcohol” webpage that critics said promoted “victim-blaming” and rape culture on a campus that has faced intense scrutiny surrounding sexual assault.

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OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Activists and relatives of a teenage woman at the center of a San Francisco Bay Area police sex scandal say they want to know if any of the more than two dozen law enforcement officials implicated earlier this year will face criminal charges.

The woman, who turned 19 on Thursday and says she works as a prostitute, told The Associated Press that she informed internal affairs investigators months ago that she had sex with three Oakland police officers and a Contra Costa County deputy before her 18th birthday.

California lawmakers have sent a bill to the governor's desk that would expand the legal definition of rape so it includes all forms of nonconsensual sexual assault.

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Nancy Retzlaff, Turing’s chief commercial officer, has accused company co-founder and former interim CEO Edwin Urrutia of sexually assaulting her this past spring, according to a complaint filed Monday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission obtained by he Washington Post.

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This scenario plays out across all of Canada's big cities. As a result, indigenous children are greatly overrepresented among victims. There are approximately 1.5 million people in Canada who identify as indigenous. That's only 4% of the Canadian population, yet indigenous people make up more than 50% of all human trafficking victims in the country.

Norway House is trying to change that by bringing what was once a taboo subject to the forefront.

"Three days into my first rotation on Nauru there was an adolescent boy who had been sexually assaulted. The child was living in fear of this sexual assault being repeated not just to him but to his mother who was living without a partner in the detention facility."

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It was on Aug. 3, 2014, that IS fighters swept into the Sinjar region of northern Iraq, home to the majority of the world's Yazidis. They rounded up the Yazidis into three groups: Young boys who were made to fight for IS, older males who were killed if they didn't convert to Islam, and women and girls sold into slavery, like Yasmin.

I was sexually abused and trafficked by an immediate family member from infancy until early adolescence. My abuse and exploitation supported his drug addiction. He used a CB radio to advertise me to truckers traveling along the interstate near our house. Extended family, friends and teachers suspected something was wrong, but no one intervened. Instead, most wrote me off. “That’s just what those people do to one another.” We were white trash; I was disposable.

DeEtta Williams is frightened every day. She stays inside as much as possible. She makes sure that she is rarely alone. She visits a therapist. She takes medication for anxiety. The man she said sexually assaulted her daily for six months is somewhere out there, and “he’s got nothing to lose”.

He raped her so often and for so long, the 45-year-old said, because she was serving time at the California Institution for Women and he was a prison guard there.


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