When it comes to stopping violence against women, actions speak louder than words. So even though there’s increased worldwide awareness about violence against women, the problem won’t be solved unless countries make significant policy and financial changes to support victims, according to a five-part series of studies in The Lancet, one of the world’s premier medical journals.

November 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and this year, they will run the campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, leading up to Human Rights Day on December 10. It's time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

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The accusations of rape that have quietly followed Bill Cosby for so long are apparently finally catching up with him. So many women have come forward with their stories that we can no longer look away, even if we want to. But we shouldn’t look away. We shouldn’t need so many women to tell such similar stories to believe. We shouldn’t be filled with so much doubt. One accuser should be more than enough.

LONDON, Nov 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Harassment and violence against women in cities too often go unreported because many women fear reprisals by their attackers or that authorities will not take complaints seriously, urban and gender experts said on Tuesday.

"When you survey women, safety is the major issue for women in cities," Carol Robles-Roman, head of Legal Momentum, a U.S.-based legal defence and education advocacy group, told delegates at the Trust Women Conference in London.


Now Bill Cosby, oft-celebrated comedian and star of one of the highest-rated US television programmes in the 1980s, is being asked to once again publicly deny allegations that he committed multiple sexual assaults over the course of his career.

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A teen who admitted to taking a picture of a girl allegedly being sexually assaulted by a 16-year-old will serve no jail time and will also avoid probation.

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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced a campaign to reduce sexual violence on Thursday, an effort he says was spurred by a spike in rapes across the city.

“I want our message to be clear and unmistakable that sexual assault is an affront to human and personal dignity and it’s a crime no matter where it occurs,” Reed said.

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Prosecutor Kim Worthy said Thursday 760 forensic hits and 188 serial rapists have been identified from the more than 1,600 kits that have been tested.

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The White House’s ongoing campaign to fight campus sexual assaults has aired a new ad that isn’t aimed at would-be perpetrators or victims but at bystanders who don’t realize they can make a difference.

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In 2000, New York had 17,000 untested rape kits, a yearslong accumulation of potential evidence in some of the city’s most violent crimes. Over the next four years, in a push to clear the backlog, the city had the kits tested. The result was 49 indictments connected to unsolved cases in Manhattan alone.


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