By Jina Moore

These women haven’t won Nobel Prizes or hit the speaking circuit. But they’re pushing boundaries, changing norms, saving lives, and speaking up — even where bad news dominates the headlines.


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By Ruth Messinger

“That’s the way men are over there. They are not like us.” “Violence against women is personal, so there’s nothing we or our government can do.”

VIENNA — A survey of 42,000 women across the European Union suggests that about one in 10 have been the victims of sexual violence, and half of them reported being raped.

Described as the largest of its kind, the survey released Wednesday by the EU’s Agency for Fundamental Rights is the most ambitious effort yet to gauge the extent of sexual violence and harassment experienced by the 187 million women in the bloc’s 28 nations.


Pope Francis has strongly defended the Roman Catholic Church's record on tackling sexual abuse by priests.

In a rare interview with an Italian newspaper, the Pope said "no-one else has done more" to root out pedophilia.


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Amy Farrell is an expert who studies sex trafficking laws. She tells NPR's Arun Rath some states are trying to fix the problem through what are called safe harbor laws.

Twelve states have passed safe harbor legislation for child victims of sex trafficking, according to Farrell. She says the basic premise of these laws is to give law enforcement and prosecutors a way to divert children who have been prostituted from a juvenile delinquent proceeding and instead put them into what's called a "child in need" proceeding.


WETUMPKA, Ala. — For a female inmate, there are few places worse than the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Immigrants held in U.S. detention centers will get extra protection against sexual abuse under regulations finalized on Friday, the Department of Homeland Security said.


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Investigators from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights came to Michigan State’s campus last week in part because of the handling of an alleged sexual assault involving two athletes in a dorm in August 2010.


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In a church-owned classroom circled by 58 acres of frosted spruce and frozen lakes, 10 children sat at a cafeteria table learning what to do if someone sexually abuses them.

The kids, most born with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that may make them especially vulnerable to Alaska's many sexual predators, had just watched an educational video about grown-ups, bad secrets and bribes.


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Both the Sharper and Rice stories raise a blaring question: At what point do the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell confront the constant, haunting league-wide presence of violence against women?


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