(Reuters Health) - Veterans who experienced sexual trauma in the military are at increased risk for homelessness, according to a new U.S. study.

Compared to veterans who didn't experience sexual assault, battery or harassment during their military service, those who did were about twice as likely to be homeless during the five-year study, researchers found.

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A student faces punishment for violating the school's honor code by being the victim of a sexual assault

Brigham Young University students protested Wednesday after they say a sexual-assault victim was mistreated by the school.

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Record numbers of web pages containing child sexual abuse images are being detected following a dramatic spike in reports.

Some 68,092 URLs were identified and taken down by the Internet Watch Foundation last year - a rise of 118% on 2014.

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Law enforcement agencies nationwide have recently faced high-profile criticism for the way they’ve handled sexual assaults, with police officers admonished for allowing gender stereotypes to “derail” their investigations, as Attorney General Loretta Lynch has put it.

NEW YORK, April 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An international court should be set up to punish those responsible for child labor and other forms of abuse against children, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the United Nations on Monday.

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All lectures and teaching have been canceled at a South African university as student protesters demonstrating against a perceived rape culture clashed with security forces for a third successive day on Wednesday.

The protests at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape province, were sparked by the publication of a list, then circulated on social media, of male students alleged to have sexually assaulted female students. Police have arrested a number of students.

Anita Hill's story is the subject of a new HBO movie—but she was not the first woman to speak up.

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(State College) -- A survey of sexual misconduct at Penn State's main campus in State College found that more than three-quarters of undergraduate women have experienced offensive or harassing behavior from other students.

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An overwhelming percentage of student voters at Stanford University recently said they’d like a do-over of a controversial campus survey on sexual violence

The Bay Area school promptly responded by saying thanks, but no thanks — there will not be a new survey. 

The courthouse doors will soon close on victims of clergy sex abuse in Minnesota and Hawaii when a brief window to bring charges against the Catholic church expires.

Statute of limitations laws have made it nearly impossible for adults who were abused as children to put their claims before a court, even after revelations in 2002 about decades of widespread child sex abuse by Catholic priests.


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