Women across Argentina stopped work for an hour on Wednesday and took part in mass demonstrations to demand more protection after an escalation in attacks against women and girls this month.

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Rape and sexual assaults increased from 284,350 in 2014 to 431,840 in 2015, the survey found.

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The world's first prosecution for rape as an act of genocide is the subject of a new film scheduled for release in the United States on Friday.

"The Uncondemned" tells the story of the landmark prosecution of small-town Rwandan mayor Jean-Paul Akayesu for his role in the country's 1994 genocide.

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The Baltimore County Police Department promised this week that special victims detectives will now personally interview every person who reports a rape. The move comes in response to a BuzzFeed News investigation showing that the department often dropped rape cases without taking that elemental step.

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The coalition brings together more than 60 lawyers, activists, artists, service providers, community leaders and others who battle sex trafficking, from escort services to the streets, organizers said at its launch in Washington, D.C.

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Thirty-four percent of U.S. women say they worry "frequently" or "occasionally" about being sexually assaulted. That percentage essentially matches the 33% average in Gallup's 17-year trend but is up slightly from an average 30% who worried from 2013 through 2015. Relatively few men (5%) worry about being sexually assaulted.

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The topic of sexual assault has become prominent in the 2016 presidential race to the dismay of many Americans. But advocates for victims of sexual violence see a silver lining: An issue often kept in the shadows is now in the spotlight.

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In the days since Mr. Trump’s campaign was jolted by a 2005 recording that caught him bragging about pushing himself on women, he has insisted, as have his aides, that it was simply macho bluster. “It’s just words,” he has said repeatedly.

And his hope for salvaging his candidacy rests heavily on whether voters believe that claim.

They should not, say Ms. Leeds and Ms. Crooks, whose stories have never been made public before. And their accounts echo those of other women who have previously come forward, like Temple Taggart, a former Miss Utah [...]

MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) -- The federal agency that operates the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and an alumni association have started separate reviews of allegations of sexual abuse and bullying of midshipmen at the suburban New York-based school.

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A study called "Hands Off Pants On" is detailing the sexual harassment of local hotel and casino workers. About 500 women surveyed say 58% of hotel workers and 77% of casino workers have been sexually harassed by male guests. For housekeepers, more than 45% of them surveyed say a guest is naked, exposes or flashes a female housekeeper when they answer the door. Those workers want panic buttons in the event that they are cornered or feel threatened by a guest. Casino workers say they'd like harassers banned from the premises.


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