At the Carter Center in Atlanta this week, the first World Summit to End Human Trafficking took place. Coinciding with the event, Atlanta-based organization youthSpark is releasing a new study about the sex trade involving young males.

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The complaint once more draws attention to the challenges of reporting on sexual assault as well as the consequences of careless reporting — consequences that could result not only in damaged reputations and financial repercussions, but also in an impulse among journalists to avoid the subject, and in greater skepticism about the reality of sexual violence on college campuses.

A University of Virginia dean has sued Rolling Stone over her portrayal in the discredited story about an alleged frat house gang rape.

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U.S. Department of Justice officials heaped praise upon the Missoula Police Department on Monday and deemed its approach to rape victims a model for other communities to follow.

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The report said migrants and refugees faced abuses at all stages of the smuggling routes from west and east Africa towards the Libyan coast. Many were abducted and tortured to force them and their families to pay ransoms.

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A new report released by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) this morning shows the Department of Defense (DOD) is grossly under-reporting the number of sexual assault crimes in the US military, particularly those occurring on military bases. Gillibrand says this new information deepens a lack of faith for an internal commander-led justice system for cases of military sexual assault, saying it "remains plagued with distrust."

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WASHINGTON - A CBS News investigation has found sexual misconduct in the ranks of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is "significantly" higher than other federal law enforcement agencies, according to the agency's former head of internal affairs.

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Tens of thousands of young women from regions devastated by the earthquake in Nepal are being targeted by human traffickers supplying a network of brothels across south Asia, campaigners in Kathmandu and affected areas say.

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On Friday, the Pentagon is expected to release a deeper analysis of the sexual assault survey data made public last December. That report will acknowledge the difficulties in gathering data about retaliation, including problems with how some of the survey questions may have been misinterpreted and that incidents of retaliation may have been over-counted.

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TORONTO (AP) — The Canadian Armed Forces perpetuates a sexualized military culture that is hostile to women and gay members, and harassment and assault are often tolerated by senior officers, according to a report released Thursday.

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