From the mayor on down, a court-appointed investigator said Wednesday that Oakland city officials mishandled and downplayed sexual misconduct allegations about the city’s police department that turned into a far-reaching scandal.

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In eastern Congo, an area that’s experienced war, conflict and fighting for more than 20 years, a culture of impunity has prevailed. But with such a bright light shining on the region after the Minova rapes, people thought a chance had arisen to change this culture and impose the rule of law.

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Bill Cosby's sexual assault case has ended in a mistrial.

After six days of deliberation, the seven men and five women selected to serve on the jury were unable to render a unanimous verdict on any of the three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault with which Cosby had been charged.

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A sex-trafficking victim who called 911 to report she was being held hostage is suing the Albuquerque Police Department and two of its officers on grounds that they did not rescue her when they could have.

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The list of issues plaguing coffee farms is not short. Drought, global warming, low prices, the devastating (and possibly evolving) leaf rust—the number of issues affecting production seem never ending. But a new study by the Arctic and Mountain Regions Development Institute (AMRDI) suggests that besides issues affecting crop growth, coffee farms may also have serious problems with sexual violence.

The number of victims who brought new claims of sexual abuse by clergy rose sharply last year, fueled in large part by a surge of allegations from Minnesota, according to a report released Thursday by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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Sex offenders in Colorado can be forced to pay for the medical sexual assault examinations required for their victims, the state's Supreme Court ruled on Monday.

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Female genital mutilation has been a federal crime in the United States for more than two decades, carrying a maximum sentence of five years in prison. But the three doctors are the first to be charged under the law. The case has set off a flurry of new bills across the country, with a growing number of states moving to extend penalties to the parents and hit them with lengthy prison terms.

Advances in technology are contributing to ‘pandemic’ levels of online child sexual abuse, according to research by Anti-Slavery Australia.

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At least 700 million children - around one in four - have been robbed of their childhoods too soon by factors ranging from illness and conflict to child marriage and being out of school, according to a new report and index by Save the Children.

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