May 22 Report backs sex abuse claims against 13 at prep school
May 16 UN: Sexual violence increasingly used as ‘terrorism’ tactic
May 16 Wisconsin DOJ offers firmer numbers of untested sexual assault kits
May 16 Report: Bullying persists in schools, sex assault reports up
May 12 New Jersey governor rejects measure to ban child marriage
May 12 Fox Reveals Cost of Sexual Harassment Allegations: $45 Million
May 12 Migrants fleeing Central America face near-certain violence, charity says
May 12 Germany: Women refugees at risk of sexual assault in Berlin shelters
May 12 Sex trafficking, child marriages linked, study of Mexico finds
May 05 Commentary -- How Should Art Address Human Rights?
May 05 Midshipmen and Cadets Testify Before Congress About Sexual Assault
May 05 ‘Overwhelming majority’ of women experience some form of harassment, sexual violence in their daily journeys
May 03 Sexual violence, war lead to higher number of child marriages
May 03 Perpetrators, not victims, should be shamed for conflict-related sexual violence – UN report
May 01 Hidden horror of school sex assaults revealed by AP
May 01 Australia: Involving children in decisions 'will help protect them from sexual abuse'
May 01 U.S. military sexual assaults down as reports reach record high
Apr 21 Rape victims in U.S. made to pay part of the medical bill
Apr 21 Indiana University bans athletes with sexual violence past
Apr 20 U.S. Navy makes distributing nude photos without consent a punishable offense