Jerry Sandusky's book, 'Touched,' helped police investigation into alleged sex crimes

By Sara Ganim

The investigation of Jerry Sandusky took three years.

And it took Sandusky himself — through the pages of his autobiography, Touched — to help police find Victims 3, 4, 5 and 7.

At the end of 2009, police had spent almost a year trying to corroborate claims by a single boy — a 17-year-old Clinton County teen later known as Victim 1 — who had alleged years of sexual abuse by Penn State’s legendary defensive coach. Only one state police investigator had been tasked to handle the case.

Finally, they discovered a campus police report from 1998, in which a boy had said he was forced to take a naked shower with Sandusky in the Penn State locker room and was inappropriately touched. With that, investigators learned the key had been right in front of them.

The 1998 boy was called Victim 6 by the grand jury. After police found him, the man’s mother told them about Sandusky’s autobiography, which was sitting on the shelves of the Penn State bookstore.

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